When people ask event management companies about their best work, some might cite events filled with technical mastery while others offer the prestige of their guests. M2Live believes that our best works are those that create meaningful experiences for the audience because those will send your message across better than anything else.

Here are some of our most memorable:



NEDA wanted to hold a one-day conference to sustain awareness and promote interest and ownership in its national vision. The event hoped to engage multiple stakeholders who play a critical role in the future of our nation: students and educators; businessmen, entrepreneurs, and professionals; government officials and employees.



Even before the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) was established in 1948, Children with Disabilities (CWD) are one of the most marginalized groups in society. To help change attitudes about CWDs in the Philippines, UNICEF mounted an advocacy campaign highlighting what they can do and turn disability into THISability. For National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week, the children’s organization partnered with SM Cares, Camera Club of the Philippines, and Tanghalang Pilipino to launch a photo exhibit in different cities across the country called See What I Can Do! Additionally, the uplifting play, Sandosenang Sapatos, will be staged alongside to share its similar message.

Wow! Taiwan Selects



CDRI’s Wow! Taiwan Selects is a yearly affair that promotes the best in local goods the country has to offer via a pop-up store – from beer to beauty products, shoes, karaoke devices, and much more. It gives the host country a new and fresh perspective on Taiwan, which is mostly known for its technology industry or electronics manufacturing. 



In 2016, Greenpeace wanted to highlight solar energy, particularly its energy production on the rooftop of people’s homes, government buildings, schools, and churches in the Philippines. Additionally, it wanted to promote the cause of renewable power in the eyes of newly elected officials after a vitriolic election.

NXCITIES Philippines


NXCITIES Philippines is all about inspiring those at the forefront of thought and action to come up with ingenious solutions to the problems that plague our cities: age-old challenges like urban sprawl, traffic, and ghettoization, and new ones like climate change. It is a forum for ideas that will renew our old cities and help build new ones that are sustainable, inclusive, and resilient – a platform that will help every community and every person thrive in the world of tomorrow.



In 2015, the Philippines hosted the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. As one of the lead government agencies that would organize a number of key meetings, the Department Trade of Industry (DTI) planned to hold a preparatory event in line with the APEC’s theme of inclusive economic growth.

Phildev Idea Symposium


The Philippine Development Foundation (PhilDev) is working to eradicate poverty through education, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The organizations hopes strengthen the education and training programs in science and technology, foster innovation by driving science and technology research, and build an entrepreneurial ecosystem to start a movement that will lead to long-term economic growth.




The Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) was set to launch the biggest power plant in the Visayas—a 200 MW clean coal plant in Naga City, Cebu. This was a towering achievement and a huge necessity for the country, coming at a time when the power crisis was at its peak. 



Philips as a diversified lighting and healthcare company caters to all sectors of society and is committed to promoting sustainable energy use as well as healthier, more mindful ways of living. However, it struggles to connect directly with the grassroots communities, a sector that would benefit greatly from the company's message. For its advocacy to reach the grassroots, Philips tapped a long-time partner with a strong background in advocacy communication, M2.0.



To share and shape its vision of the future, Royal Dutch Shell organizes the Shell Eco Marathon, where teams of students demonstrate new fuel-efficient automobiles. Split into several geographies, the Asia Marathon changed its circuit from Malaysia to the Philippines, just in time for Shell's 100th year in the country.