People buy the experience, not the product. More than other marketing techniques, activation allows products to come alive in the customers' hands. For over a decade, M2Live has been organizing events that can showcase the best of your brand.

Building Solutions

Creating an engaging experience doesn’t happen overnight. It involves research and brainstorming to generate big ideas that will command attention and captivate people. Carefully planned timelines are also required in designing and producing collaterals and booths that meet your exacting standards. All the while, we arrange permits and recruit brand representatives who will embody your message. Our activation agency goes through all these lengths to create a unique experience that will resonate with your customers and ensure a strong ROI.

M2Live event management agency in the Philippines can also integrate traditional PR, social media, and online marketing with your on-ground campaign, making it easier to spread your brand experience everywhere.

Transform your brand activations and reach people with experiences that will stay in their memories.


Connecting with the public is one of the most difficult brand challenges. New products struggle to make themselves known while perceptions of older brands are set in stone. Fortunately, offering a new experience in places where buyers go can turn their minds and hearts.

Do you need to:

  • Raise brand awareness or sales?
  • Brainstorm new experiences for customers on the ground?
  • Procure logistics and manpower for pop-ups and other activations?


Delivering meaningful experiences is the goal of every member of the team. Our creativity has been honed in countless events and activations that highlight the positives of the brand. We have helped numerous companies encourage sales and bridge the gap to their customers.

We offer you:

  • Exhibitions
  • Road shows & tours
  • Venue finding
  • Booth management
  • Booth concept, design, styling, and fabrication
  • Social Media Integration
  • Public Relations Support



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