Bank of China
12th ASEAN Finance Ministers Investor Seminar Dinner

Bringing Bank of China, Asia, and the Philippines Together


An Occassion for bringing Communities Together

The Philippines at 18.4% has one of the highest rates of early-stage entrepreneurship activity among Southeast Asian countries. Unfortunately, the country also suffers from a 12.6% discontinuance rate that far exceeds the ASEAN average of 4.8% because of a lack of assistance and support from financial institutions. As the main channel for the billions of investments that China committed to President Rodrigo Duterte, the Bank of China (BoC) plans to help the Philippines in the nation’s goal of inclusive economic development by providing capital assistance to Micro-, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

On April 4-7, 2017, leading Southeast Asian business investors and government officials congregated in Mactan, Cebu for the 12th ASEAN Finance Ministers Investor Seminar (AFMIS). It was the perfect opportunity for the Chinese bank to extend their assistance to the growing Filipino and ASEAN entrepreneur community.

The BoC sought to organize a dinner reception that would bridge the bank’s message to its stakeholders. It wanted to create a warm welcoming experience for investors all across Asia, provide a taste of Filipino hospitality, and find opportunities for strategic branding exposure in public areas and hotels where the AFMIS seminar and its participants are staying. To do that they need a partner for branding, managing the event, and to help tell the story of China’s investment in the Philippines. The bank collaborated with M2.0 Communications’ public relations and events team to achieve these goals.

Arranging the Reception

M2.0 gathered its network of reliable suppliers to create the various branding components, such as the cards, pasalubong items, and collaterals. The team also invited the Mandaue Children’s Choir to sing a Chinese classic and the San Diego Dance Company to perform the Sinulog.

Through a local team in the Queen City of the South, the events team coordinated with the Cebu community. The smooth communication between the two cities ensured that few wrinkles cropped up with the logistics and supplies.

Raising a relevant Point

As event preps went underway, M2.0’s PR team organized a Media Roundtable Discussion with Deng Jun, the current country head of the Bank of China. Held on April 2 at the Tower Club, Philam Tower, Makati, the discussion highlighted the bank’s mission to be a bridge between Chinese and Philippine trade and investment.

During the RTD, the BoC reiterated its commitment in increasing cooperation within the ASEAN region and connectivity to the rest of the world. The bank shared its plans of increasing commerce and investment in Southeast Asia, focusing on integrating Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to the global market while promoting entrepreneurship.

Leading print and TV media covered the event, such as the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Philippine Star, and the ANC.

The Results

On April 6, the AFMIS seminar closed at around 530pm. Its participants, including Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez and ASEAN Deputy Secretary General Lim Hong Hin, trooped to dinner and were welcomed to a lavish reception from the BoC. The night was a festive success. The audience acknowledged BoC’s role as a bridge for trade and investment.

The local and international media also commended the banks efforts. Their stories in print and online media grabbed the attention of at least 5 million people with TV broadcasts reaching countless more.

With the success of this simple event, the Bank of China has cemented its reputation among Filipinos as a potential business partner and as a sponsor of inclusive economic development.