After experiencing a flawless event, it’s not surprising for guests to think that event management is all about meeting great people and making lasting differences; stress simply comes last to mind.

Anyone who’s ever done event management knows the hard work that goes behind in making events possible. Here are 10 things that event managers can easily relate to.

1) You constantly watch the sky and monitor weather updates.

Bad weather will throw a monkey wrench into the best-laid plans. God help you if the event is outdoors.

2) When event day hits, you’ve worked half a day and it's still 9 a.m.

There's ingress, rehearsals, and even more preparations. Still no relief in sight.

3) People keep asking you for everything.

As the person who pretty much knows the entire plan, everybody will come to you for answers.

4) Specializing in being a Jack or Jane-of-all-trades.

When something needs doing, you do it. Every little detail has the event at stake. You can only pray somebody comes to replace you before something else requires your attention.

5) Food troubles.

Expect harsh glares when food comes late. Picky celebrities may also request for meals adhering to a diet you’ve never heard of.

6) Celebrity attitudes.

Speaking of celebrities, some have big, frustrating attitudes that make them difficult to work with. You have to learn to grin and bear it.

7) That moment when the audience arrives.

The pressure ramps up to the sky. The smallest missteps become incredibly glaring, and you have little control because most of the work is now in the hands of others.

8) Making the room bigger.

While having a huge turnout is great for the event, getting more space is impossible. There’s little you can do but let the guests scramble for chairs.

9) The event is finally over, but there are still mountains of work to do.

Egress, feedback surveys, payments, etc. can last until the wee hours of the morning.

10) The pride that comes with a job well done.

It's over. There were a hundred problems, but the guests never noticed. They were amazed, and they’ve got you and the staff to thank .