Want to organize events easily? Invite more attendees? Engage more people? Or make the most of a once-in-a-lifetime thing? Tap the power of the Internet. By integrating digital and social media with your event, you can maximize its value throughout its lifecycle and beyond.

For Organizing

Save time and effort by using the Internet for communication and collaboration. When collecting RSVPs digitally, you can also collect essential information to help you improve the experience for your attendees, as well as keep them up to date. Using social media, you can get your attendees involved in organizing your event by letting them suggest ideas, preferred speakers, and more.

For Promotions

Make your event reach the most number of people. Send invitations quicker with the help of social media. Attendees can hype the event among like-minded people through shares, retweets, and hashtags. Boosts can also rapidly gather an audience beyond the reach of individual social networks.

For Live Event Engagement

The experience doesn’t have to be confined to the event venue; its allure and enthusiasm can be shared online. Encourage attendees to check in with social media to publicize their participation. Live tweets provide those who couldn't go with instant updates. With live streaming, you can even share the experience virtually.

For Extending the Event's Lifetime

Even at the end of the show, social media can keep the momentum going by engaging the community the event has built. Wrap-up videos and photo highlights can be posted. Conference presentations can be shared afterwards to spread their ideas even further. In a campaign for Jergens , M2Live nurtured a community after the show was over, gaining even more fans as time went on.

Don’t limit an event to the day itself. Take advantage of digital and social media to create a long-term experiential campaign with the show at its heart.