Social media is the greatest buzz generator of our time. Many causes, memes, and events have gained traction on social networks before quickly spilling away from the keyboard. Having your show, booth, or conference shared on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter will magnify its potential success and reach more people than the event itself could.

However, simply having an event isn't enough for it to be shared. Aside from organizing a creative, engaging experience, you can follow these five tips.

1) Make Great Photos

Never has the idiom "a picture is worth a thousand words" been truer than in social media. Most people skim through their social feeds due to the sheer amount of content bombarding them on a daily basis. An amazing photo will get them to stop, look, really understand what’s in front of them, and, most importantly, SHARE.

2) Add Incentives

Sometimes, the most captivating photo or written content ends up no different from the rest of the feed: easily skipped, even by those who are interested. To motivate them to hit the share or retweet button, encourage them with prizes, praise, or both! Giving out passes for shares can encourage more people to attend. During the event, having a best social media photo contest can promote your event in real time.

3) Create Event #Hashtags

Event-specific hashtags will automatically group relevant posts and tweets under the same banner. If you use too many hashtags or none at all, attendees won't be able to share the hype and get hyped in return. Place your event hashtag everywhere to make it highly visible, such as in posters, emails, websites, show guides, and promo materials.

4) Live Updates

Post updates on social media during the event. It will let everyone in and out of the event know—and share—what's happening.  You can also share or retweet other people’s posts found through your event hashtag. Not only will it encourage others to post more about your event, but it will also demonstrate that you're keeping on top of things.

5) Event Round-Ups

After the event, continue to create shares by publishing crucial moments, key takeaways, and videos. These will lengthen the event's lifetime while allowing the experience and your message to reach a much larger audience.

Good luck! Share your experiences with us in the comments below.