Events and activations are gradually being changed by the power of social media. No longer is the conversation limited to the event floor. Potential and present customers are already talking about your event on social media networks as soon as news of it spreads.

Video Sharing

Integrate social media into the event plan.

Ensure that the conversation turns your event's way. Remain in control of the conversation by taking charge of your social media. Turn it into an integral part of your plan and you'll attract more people and even reach those that couldn't take part.

Power of Technology

Build a community early.

To maximize hype for your event, always build an online community ASAP. The community will function as an amplifier that will reach every corner of the web. Provide it with a #hashtag and group page where members can connect with and attract others.

Have the right team

Hire the right team.

If you want to increase awareness, hiring 20 people with no skills will not achieve the results you want. An experienced team can help you develop and execute a solid plan, assuring you of content that resonates with your target audience and creates relationships that bring desirable results.

2016 will surely bring in a lot of trends that will help your events get bigger and better. Are your events social media ready? Review your plans and learn how you can integrate them with social media. Email our team for a free consultation.