Christmas proves to be the busiest season in the Philippines. Part of the holiday tradition is the yearly anticipated expos to showcase food, retail items, and everything in between to satisfy the Filipinos’ love for shopping.

But simply being in an expo isn't enough to attract attention. You need to strut your stuff in the most attractive way possible.

Get Creative.

Your presentation is the first thing people will see. Make a booth that will entice their eyes and make it easy for them to experience your product. Be sure to highlight your display by accenting it with lights and sounds that echo your store and brand’s ambiance as well as personality.

Get the Word Out.

Invite your friends and social media followers to the expo. They are the best ambassadors for your brand. Each of your social media fans have hundreds of friends they can invite to the expo, too.

Get the Right People.

Find friendly, animated staff you can trust as well as event professionals who can help you design the best way to approach potential customers. For example, a common strategy is to use a "hook," or someone who attracts people to your booth, or a "spotter," who approaches people and brings them to you.

Running out of ideas for your Christmas booth? Talk to our fabrication team and let us know how we can help you.