The plans for your company Christmas party have gone a long way. Every element has been meticulously prepared to fit your company’s goal, from the programme to the food and the entertainment. But there is one last challenge, getting people there.

Unless your party will occur in your office, you’ll need to find a way to bring your employees to the venue, especially if the place is out of the way. The problem becomes more complicated if your company has branches and plans to have a unified celebration.

Don’t make the mistake of planning without considering the transportation. You might easily commit your budget to other areas then belatedly realize that you need to hire an expensive vehicle. 

There are basically three ways to transport everybody:


Let them go on their own

The most straightforward and least expensive for the company but the most troublesome. It’s easy to give people a map and the time they should arrive. Unfortunately, it’s also easy for people to get lost or trapped in traffic. Regular commuters might be disheartened from going because of the extra travel. Be accurate when providing directions and provide a number for people to call for help if they get lost. 

Organize a carpool

Sharing a ride is inexpensive and it organizes employees into more manageable groups while commuters aren’t as inconvenienced. However, there might not be enough cars to go around and some might be reluctant to offer their vehicle. 


Hire a bus

Leasing a bus, van, or coach to transport everybody can be a great idea. It ensures that everybody arrives at the same time and spares everybody from the stress of the traffic. It’s also convenient for attendees from faraway company branches who have been invited. Additionally, some coaches are designed for parties so you can start the party-related activities while on the move. It’s also possible to hang a banner outside then vehicle as an extra exposure for your company.

Whatever you decide, your transport will help set the tone of your Christmas party. Choose one that aids in fulfilling your company’s goals.

Organizing and executing all the details of your Christmas party can take more effort than you can handle. Consider hiring event management services in the Philippines for assistance. They free you from the nitty-gritty and allow you to concentrate on your work during the busy Christmas season. 

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