Top 5 Corporate Christmas Party Themes

Top 5 Corporate Christmas Party Themes

It’s less than 100 days before Christmas. Everybody is making sure work is done before the holiday break. Naturally as holiday season arrives, employees look forward to the biggest event of the year - the Christmas Party!

To help your company throw the best Christmas celebration, M2Live offers 5 Must-Try Christmas party themes. We’ll also throw in ideas about decorations that will go along your party theme, what menu to prepare, and fun activities to do.

#1 Masquerade Ball

For offices with a casual dress code, this theme is a must-try. Let everyone come to the party dressed to the nines wearing decorative masks! This theme is perfect if your office wants a more glamorous and fancy atmosphere. 

Party Decoration: To achieve a Phantom of the Opera-like vibe, incorporate the colors purple and gold around the party venue. Match your big Christmas tree with the Masquerade Ball theme by adding soft twinkling lights and shimmering décor. Throw in some sheer fabrics like tulle, lace works, and decorative mirror designs too. 

DIY mask

DIY mask

Entertainment: Install a booth for DIY mask, just in case not everyone shows up with a mask. Also consider a "Best Mask" competition and prepare a grand prize.

Attire: Everyone is expected to don evening gowns and dinner suits with matching decorative masks. Let people choose from a simple Phantom-of-the-Opera-inspired white mask to a fabulously, glittering feathered Venetian mask. 

Menu: Champagne or wine is a staple. Fill your buffet with delectable canapés, tartlets, croquettes, and other finger foods. 

#2 Nightmare Before Christmas Party

A Tim Burton-style Christmas party is definitely not an ordinary holiday theme. It will be a celebration of glam and goth, a bit akin to Halloween. But that’s what makes it great! Rather than Jolly Santa Claus & his reindeers, you can celebrate Christmas with Oogie Boogie and Jack Skellington. 

Gothic and Peculiar Décor

Gothic and Peculiar Décor

Decoration: Add gothic and peculiar décor like Jack Skellington balloons and black laceworks. Think of a Dia de los Muertos-inspired design: spooky but colorful. 

Menu: Jack Skellington cookies and pastries are a great addition to this Christmas party theme’s menu. You can include any food you want - just be creative with the presentation. Nightmare Before Christmas-themed plates and utensils are a convenient yet appropriate option. 
What to wear: Black and white are the color palette for this event. To avoid looking too Halloweeny, try sporting rugged looking formal wear such as a patchwork dress or a Beetlejuice suit for men. While laceworks for women with a splash of Christmas colors like green and red will be more than enough. 

#3 Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

It's time to take out that old ugly sweater your grandma probably gave you. This is a quirky way to celebrate Christmas: embrace ugliness with joy! Everyone is expected to wear the worst sweater ever.

What to wear: Wear the ugliest sweater you have and put on some Christmas decorations. The odder, the better! Grab your shiny and glittery Christmas decors at home and stuff them on your sweater and you’re good to go!

Ugly Sweater Foods

Ugly Sweater Foods

Menu: Get all creative with your table setting. Dress your punch bowl with a small ugly sweater for some cozy drinks. Serve any kind of pasta Christmas style along with “ugly sweater” pizza bread. For desserts, offer guests ugly sweater cupcake toppers, ugly sweater cookies, and ugly sweater cake! 

Entertainment: Give an embarrassing wearable prop to anyone who doesn't come with an ugly sweater to make sure everyone looks really queer. And don’t forget to hold the “Ugliest Sweater Competition” for added fun!

#4 Winter Wonderland Christmas Party

A classic theme for a holiday dinner. It embraces the heart of the Christmas Spirit, a wintery and chilling celebration with the warmth of family and friends. This can be a magical White Christmas or a traditional Blue-Iced Christmas Party. 

Shimmering Snowflakes Christmas Party Designs

Shimmering Snowflakes Christmas Party Designs

Decoration: Fill the party venue with sparkling white or white-blue lights and hang lots of shimmering snowflakes designs. Use white draping on the ceiling to complement the snowflakes and display amazing ice sculptures on the buffet table. Use blue uplights on the corners of your party venue to complete the Winter Wonderland theme.

Menu: Add contrast to the chilling effect of winter wonderland theme by preparing hot chocolate drinks or mulled wine for everyone. Bite sized cuisines best match this theme. But for a dinner Christmas party include in the menu soup, stew or chowders, creamy pasta and sweet bread rolls.

Games:  Play gift wrap-up. Divide the guests into teams and provide them with scissors, tape, and gift wrappers. The goal is to wrap a big item in the shortest time. To add a twist, only the left hands of each team member will do the job. The team who completes the task in the shortest time wins.

#5 Candyland / Chocolate Factory

This party theme is a throwback to a more youthful way of celebrating Christmas, which is inspired by Candyland and Willie Wonka’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

Decoration: Lots of candy colors and stripes are a must for this Christmas party theme. Add color to your venue by incorporating as much candy into the decorations as possible. Hang edible and yummy candy canes, candy bars, and other chocolates on your Christmas tree and let your guests take them home after the party. 

Lots of Sweet Treats

Lots of Sweet Treats

Menu: Prepare lots of sweet treats like cookies, cupcakes, crepes, cakes, puddings, and of course candies. And to break the too much sweetness on the plate, include a wide selection of entrée and canapés.

Entertainment / Games: Any games and party gimmicks are fit for this super fun Christmas party theme. You can choose to hire a DJ or a live band for entertainment. To add more spice, include simple carnival games that you played as a child or make use of extra sized colorful candies and chocolates! 

After reading through these themes, the next thing to do is to gather your team and plan out your holiday event with these as your guide. And celebrate your office Christmas Party like never before. Enjoy the holidays!