2015 was an amazing year for M2Live. We had the privilege to provide support for high-profile occasions such as the Shell Eco-Marathon, SlingshotMNL, and APEC, among other marvelous events. We treat each of our projects as an occasion for learning and last year gave us many insights. Here are five of the most important.

Smartphones Everywhere

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pop-up booth for a product activation or a conference for the most important leaders in the Asia-Pacific region; someone will bring out a smartphone and snap a picture. This has become a normal reaction in our increasingly connected world. Instead of fighting it, it’s better to use it to your advantage by directing people in the right way to use their mobile tech.

More than Social Occasions

42% of 101 million Filipinos are members of social networks. When people take a picture or video, the likely destination is their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account. Event managers should harness this enthusiasm by the use of appropriate hashtags to promote and publicize the event. Additionally, social media has proved to be a reliable channel for event invitations and promotions, making an event account a must.

Apps Promise to Bring a Higher Level of Engagement

Apps are everywhere. They are already effective channels of providing updates, building momentum, and helping people meet while being a source of tickets, identification, or registration during events. Custom-made apps may prove to be the next level of engagement as the audience can fiddle with unique applications that heighten their experience and appreciation of the event.

Networking is Part of the Experience

One of our biggest lessons in organizing SlingshotMNL, last year’s largest tech start-up conference, is that the attendees are a big part of the experience. It’s not just about the concept, the workshops, and the talks. The event provides a means for people with the same interest to network and this enabling this power to gather and make connections will be crucial for succeeding events.

Face-to-Face Interactions Never Fades

Despite all the technology available, it’s the connections and experiences built during physical gatherings that endure. People aren’t satisfied with a website, white paper, or deck. They want to meet up-close and personal to deepen relationships and share unique, personal experiences with others.

What are your lessons from 2015? Share some of your insights in the comments below.