The concept of a staid, boring conference is a thing of the past. Conferences are increasingly evolving into an experiential event, where the attendees are lead to be immersed completely in the brand with lively, engaging dialogue and activities. However, most people associate conferences as stuffy, discouraging attendance. Thankfully, a well-executed email marketing campaign can transform their minds and actually get them to sign up to your event.

Incorporate an RSVP Form

On average, business users receive 91 emails per day in 2016. The sheer amount makes replying to them a full-time job for many. To stay sane, most prioritize their emails by importance and ease. Unfortunately, invitation letters for a conference are not an immediate concern so good emails leverage convenience. An RSVP form can be easily done through tools like MailChimp or by integrating with services like EventBrite. Both make event planning a breeze.

Provide a Sneak Peak

Movie trailers are effective at getting people into theaters because they establish the credibility of the actors. Email can do the same trick. Provide attendees with the speakers’ bona fides; maybe even send a link of one of their YouTube speeches, which many thought leaders already have. Additionally, it might also be good idea to inform the guests of the names and reputation of other participants. Networking is one of the prime reasons for joining an event and learning who else is arriving will add to the buzz.

Share the Discussion

While the speakers are the stars, the participants attend for the content. Supply them with an overview of the topics and don’t be afraid to give them a sample of the valuable information which they can potentially learn. To make the info more palatable, present them as tips. These short, helpful phrases can offer advice while teasing that more to follow.

Email marketing has become an essential tool in the event management arsenal. Choose specialists that show mastery over this vital area to handle your conference.