Whether your business year begins in the first of January, the Lunar New Year, the spring equinox, or whenever, it’s important to important to review your previous achievements. After all, only after looking at the past can you forge your future. Here are a four pieces of advice that will help you lay the groundwork for a successful year.


Review Your Post-Mortems

After every event, M2Live conducts post-mortems in which we get feedback, tally up the metrics, and find points of improvement. At year’s end, it’s essential to review them all. Reviewing the data throughout the last year allows you to see beyond each project and spot overall trends in your processes and organization.  Additionally, you can determine the success of the previous year. Be objective. Establish key criteria, measure them impartially, and see how well you’ve done.

Organizing Database

Clean Up Your Database

It’s easy to input the names and emails of your suppliers and clients once and forget about them. However, such carelessness could lead to lost opportunities. Tidying them up each year will help you find mistakes and inactive accounts that need to be followed up.

Meeting with suppliers

Sit Down with New Suppliers

Meeting new people is always a good idea for the coming year, especially when they can do something for you. Take this opportunity to meet new vendors for your flyers, posters, RFIDs, lights and sound systems, and venues. You might discover interesting new tech and great deals.

Analyze Website

Revisit Your Website

Your website is an important component of your brand. If it’s not generating enough conversions (or even if it does), take this time to analyze its performance through Google Analytics. Identify its deficiencies and eliminate them through a website revamp or SEO campaign.

Start the first quarter strong. Review your previous events and plan better ones. Good luck!