There are 48 million active social media users in the Philippines today. If your event can convince only 0.25% of that number to attend, you still can’t seat them all in the Philippine Arena, the world’s largest indoor arena, because the number is almost double its seating capacity. Reaching out through popular social networks has become an event must but how? Here is a list of five easy but effective ways that spur and excite people to attend.

Target the Right Personas

Many events have failed to capture attention because they mistakenly chose the wrong demographic to or tried to appeal to everyone. There’s no reason to try and invite all Fiipino Facebook users, when your event actually aims to tap males residing in the Philippines aged 20-29. Imagine this ad being seen by 9.7 million people when you can actually target specific people. It’s crucial to identify the correct personas for your event then let social networking tools deliver the right message to them.

Incentivize the Early Birds

The more attendees that register in the beginning, the easier it will be as your event nears. The initial mass of people can help spread the news throughout their social networks, making the affair more visible and discoverable. Don’t be afraid to set up early bird incentives, special promotions, and other complimentary goodies to encourage people to join early.

Create Shareable Content

Content is an awesome way to sustain attendees’ excitement and inform others of the event. It is one of the simplest incentives to offer the early registrants. Leak event details that will renew the participant’s attention and intrigue the others in their network. In multi-day conferences, share points of interest about the venue such as great places to eat or hang out nearby.

Convince Your Speakers or Performers to Promote Your Event

Your speakers and performers have fans and are probably on social media. Encourage them to speak to their fans about their next engagement with a link to your event. Their fans are most probably your target audience as well so it pays to ask for their help.

Run a Contest

Contests are effective at driving word of mouth. Facebook contests through simple apps are popular for wide variety of people and it can be very fun and cost-effective. Just make sure to add a sharing element so it can spread virally.

Social media marketing in the Philippines is a great boon for event management. Events are naturally social so it makes sense to go social digitally.