For the Philippines, 2016 is filled with events. The Presidential election is in full swing along with the boons it brings to the economy in the form of ads, events, and collaterals. Additionally, the ongoing ASEAN integration is increasing the number of companies launching their products in the country. But aside from political, there a thousand other influences that are slowly changing event management – but in what direction?

Youtube Event

Online Brands Pursuing Offline Events

Digital brands are rising all the time as Filipinos become more comfortable with e-commerce. New brands worldwide do not even have a physical storefront. While efficient, it also prevents them from offering a physical experience, which an event can provide.

Shell Racing

Custom Experiences

A canned event is cost-effective but it can’t demonstrate a brand’s personality. 2016 will move towards experiences completely tailored to the brand, which is more extravagant but delivers a greater return on investment.

Clean & Clear Event

Every Event will Become an Experience

Conferences and meetings will move from being staid formal affairs to an experiential format. It will still be targeted to professionals but it will be targeted and treated in the same manner as consumer brand messaging. The differences between consumer and professional will slowly dissolve.

Virtual Events

Virtual Events

With CES 2016 featuring game breaking augmented reality systems, events will be trying to do the same. The technology promises an immersive experience, especially in small spaces. It may prove to be far more cost-effective than larger events.

Dentiste Pop-up Event

Unique Pop Ups

Pop up events have been sprouting everywhere. The sudden appearance of unique temporary booths draws crowds. The most popular and effective activations will use custom fabrication to show off a unique brand experience.

Video is the New Text

As technology makes video easier and more cost-effective to produce, events will be using the medium more and more. Not just during the event but as documentation. Many events extend their effectiveness by having their videos uploaded in YouTube and similar video sharing sites.

Smartphone Integration

Smartphones will Assimilate Events

In the age of digital mobile tech, every event has at least one person brandishing their smartphone to take a memento. Oftentimes, there are more than one. Even in sober round table discussion, someone will be checking an app. Instead of fighting it, events will be better off incorporating the technology through custom apps.

Experience Sharing

Experiences will be Shared

Technology has alienated people but the isolated technological enclaves that people find themselves in make the effect of a shared experience even stronger. People will use events to gather with others of the same interest, whether in conventions, communities, or meet-ups.

Maximization of Big Data

Big Data will Inform Future Events

As events grow larger or more constant, they will amass a large collection of personal data. Some will be extremely valuable because not all information can be found in the Internet. Big Data will be utilized to refine events and their message.

RFID Technology

Reduced Ticketing through Tech

Events no longer need paper ticketing systems to control the crow. More affairs will be using RFID technology or smartphones to make it easier for people to pass through the gate. Aside from convenience, it’s beneficial for the environment too.

Event management is not stagnant. In 2016, we will be seeing greater changes as tech finds its way to the Philippines.