From a simple Twitter innovation, hashtags have taken numerous social media – and other channels – by storm. They are a convenient and flexible way to label, organize, and find posts. Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site, Youtube, the largest video-sharing site on earth, and Gawker Media’s online media and blog empire have implemented the practice.

Despite the seemingly wide gulf between digital experiences and real ones, hashtags can be your event’s best online tool. Here are five reasons why:


Hashtags help your event stand out in the morass of social media chatter. People will immediately understand that a random post is about your event and, even if they are not aware, they can easily check the other posts with the same label to investigate. A hashtag can help generate likes and shares, even go viral, helping publicize your event to people all over the Philippines and the world.


The innovation helps spark conversation. Many posts won’t go beyond a person’s network but hashtags enable another level of discoverability and dialogue. Users that employ the same tag can freely converse with each other and eventually create a community with deeper connections. It also allows the continual production of content from other users, which reinforces the enthusiasm of the people lining up for your event.


Hashtags were introduced to organize posts talking about a similar topic. Using them as they were originally conceived, your event can pull all online conversations, multimedia, and information under one banner. In fact, there are tools that can pull the activity directly to your event page, allowing it to be populated by a legion of raw photos and off-the-cuff witticisms.


Your event needs to manage its brand or its essence might be diluted. Hashtags have become a critical component of digital age branding. If you don’t give your event a hashtag, your audience will make one up and, unfortunately, their messaging might not be the same as yours.


Hashtags can be monitored with the right tools. You can gauge your event’s popularity in the real world through its reflection in social media. Unsatisfactory numbers for your hashtag can indicate that your marketing strategy needs to adapt while outstanding stats show that you’re doing something right.

Having a hashtag is a simple way to boost your event’s presence online. Think of a nice, catchy one that exemplifies your message and you’re all set. Would you like to learn how? Send us a request in the comments below!