Conferences will make or break depending on the participants’ experience of the event. When they fall in love, the conference will gather momentum and have a future, while no one remembers one that leave its attendees with a sour taste. How can your event charm its attendees and make them look forward to next year’s? Below are four easy tips.


Treat Participants as Individuals

When dealing with large numbers of people, it is seductively easy to paint them as faceless numbers. But they are not. If your event can remember that they are individuals with their own needs and provide appropriate consideration and relevant content, it will make a big difference in their opinion.
For example, an international conference will do well to consider differences in language and provide collaterals in the applicable language. In SlingshotMNL, M2Live provided a range of lecture and demo tracks to answer the needs of various entrepreneurs on different stages of their start-up.


Upset their Expectations

It’s definitely wrong to upset your guests unless it’s to disturb their expectations. Overturning their presumptions – especially of an expectedly dull conference – will make the event stick in their memories for far longer. Turn your audience into active participants. During the Midea-Misibis Partner’s Conference, M2Live interspersed fun games alongside the talks, such as an adventure race based on the features of Midea’s upcoming appliances. The partners remembered the experience as well as the little product details.


Be a Movement

Conferences should strive to be more than talks. It should become a hub for networking or information sharing, where people with similar interests meet for a single, noble purpose. People want to be part of something great. Let them feel that they are. For example, the Shell Eco-Marathon, at its core, is simply the demonstration of new energy-efficient vehicles but it was linked early on to the higher goal of preserving the environment. It inspired passion in millions of students and researchers by expanding the message from technology to saving the future of Mother Earth.


Assemble a Post-mortem

M2Live post-mortems are designed to generate insight into the conference. To learn what your participants love, it’s crucial to measure their actions and listen to their opinions. Metrics and KPIs provide an objective viewpoint of people’s reception; people can’t hate an event that constantly produces higher than expected numbers. But it’s also vital to record their subjective opinions through surveys. Assembling the information provides insight that can be used to improve the conference experience.

People are searching for more value in their conferences. By creating an experience, participants will love what you do, understand your message easier, and return for more.