The success of an event starts with the buzz it creates beforehand, and that begins from the invitation your attendees receive. Consider the flood of promotions your prospective attendees already get on email or Facebook. Anyone who works in event management in the Philippines knows that any type of invite should definitely stand out right away. 

But while people are naturally curious, your invitation needs to be very strong to get them to actually confirm attendance. “Curiosity is actually fragile. Content may prompt interest but it doesn’t necessarily maintain it,” writes Simon Maier in the book In Any Event: Top Tips on Managing Any Corporate Event.

How then do you craft an invite that’s hard for your attendees to turn down? Follow these 5 simple rules to catching the attention of your invited guests so they’ll confirm attendance right away.

Email Invitation

Rule #1: Make it clear that it’s an invitation
Your company might have an awesome event program awaiting guests, but if your email subject line doesn’t say that it’s an invitation right away, your guest might not read it with urgency.  Use lines like “You’re invited to the…” or “This is an invitation to…”. This way, your potential guests know they’re being asked to attend an event.

Graduation 2016 Invite

Rule #2: Go straight to the point
Many invitations have a lot of unnecessary information that could confuse your potential guest. “Content that is too difficult to understand can cause us to lose interest,” writes Maier. Make it clear what exactly you’re inviting the recipient to. If it’s a product launch, for example, you should make it clear that your company is launching something that you want your invitees to try out—even if you can’t reveal the actual product just yet.

Transformation Event

Rule #3: Provide the important information
Aside from including the specific date, time, dress code, and contact person, make sure you give details to the activities that will be done during the event so they can come prepared. For example, “making a statement like ‘Come prepared to enjoy swimming, tennis, and an evening hayride’ gives guests an idea of the kind of clothing they need to bring,” writes Sandra E. Lamb in How to Write: A Complete Guide to Everything You’ll Ever Write.

Graphics for Invitation

Rule #4:  Engage your invitees with graphics
Dull-looking invites go straight to the trash (or desktop recycle bin, as the case may be). Make use of your company colors, logos, and other graphics that align with your campaign branding. They should instantly associate the invite with your group—making them more likely to remember your event and attend it.

Parfois Invitation

Rule #5: Create excitement by including any promotional materials

Consider including pictures or videos that will give your guests an idea of what the event will be about. If you have any key note speakers who would appeal to the demographic of your planned shindig, highlight them, too. This gives invitees a point of interest that would make it hard for them to miss out on your program if they don’t attend.

Whether you’re organizing a conference, a round-table discussion, or a glitzy media launch, these simple tweaks should give your prospective attendees second thoughts about ignoring your invitation.