Music is the indispensable backdrop to any event, especially during those “downtime” moments during cocktails. Here at M2.0 Live, we’re starting a new series of articles with recommended playlists for any event.

For the first part of our series, we tapped Karlo Cleto, M2.0’s Director of Content and a DJ musician himself, to create a special Spotify splaylist for product launches for tech goods like mobile phones or smartwatches. Here’s how Cleto designed this playlist:

"The way I looked at it was that new tech is all about possibilities for a better life and a better future. So I put together electronic tracks that have a blissful, swooning, rapturous feel, and that also exude a sense of starry-eyed hope for what comes next. 
I felt that electronic music best fits a tech product launch, since it’s music made with new technology. So I looked for music that I imagine would play well at such an event. I tried to create a sort of dramatic arc as well, starting with “Night Falls”, which has a great intro that sets that optimistic, celebratory tone an events organizer is going for, and then ending with “Reflecting Lights”, which is a slower track that is a perfect way to close the night."