After a hot and hellish summer, rains are a downright blessing—unless, of course, you’re an event organizer who wants to host an outdoor event. The Philippines’ rainy season is legendary for its sudden rains, so obviously, it’s difficult to avoid or schedule around. When it comes to events, the show must go on, come hell or high water: two very real possibilities in our country.

Fortunately, the stormy months doesn't spell the end for events management in the Philippines. There are ways to plan for bad weather and here’s an, ahem, rain check of what to do.


Early Call Times

Put Early Call Times On Your Invites

Even if you’re hosting an indoor event, this is a must during rainy season. “You have to make sure your invitation time is earlier because of traffic,” says Enya Reyes, events director at M2.0 Communications. Traffic in Manila is already bad enough; you can be sure that the rain will make it doubly, triply worse.


Finding a Venue

Look Down When Scouting a Venue

A venue can be accessible and have great views, but if the ground is earth, then guests at an outdoor event can quickly become mired in mud. Unless you’re hosting an obstacle course, this is not anyone’s idea of a good time. Ask about the drainage system to eliminate the possibility of flood.


Prepare Tents

Get Your Tents Ready

Ensure that tents are always at hand near your event. When the weather starts to go bad, you can easily cover your pop-up booth or the entire area with tents to protect every participant from the rain.


Emergency Plan

Prepare Emergency Supplies

Sometimes, the tent can’t be set up fast enough. It’s a good idea to have umbrellas or hats ready to be given away. Bonus points if these are your brand’s giveaways.

Another important thing to take note of: emergency generators. “You have to have gensets on standby every time,” cautions Reyes, “because anytime, your power might die.”


Alternate Party Space

Have an Alternate Space Planned

Sometimes the expected downpour is just too much to continue the event in the original site. Find a covered place beforehand and reserve it to ensure that your event can be easily moved when the weather refuses to cooperate.

Even the best weather apps (or the late, lamented Ernie Baron) can’t perfectly predict when a downpour will begin. But whether or not rain will actually pur down, it’s better to be prepared than sorry afterwards.