Being stuck in a traffic jam is now a daily occurrence in the metro.  If you work in events management in the Philippines, you have to take this into consideration and plan around it well. 

Your event may have a killer set-up, mind-blowing entertainment, and a very kickass concept, but if your guests get stuck in a jam and miss all of it, well, you know that old saying—if a tree falls in a forest and no one’s there to hear it, well...

Of course, it’s impossible to traffic-proof your event, but there are ways to work around it. Here are 4 strategies you can employ to ensure your guests get to actually show up at the registration table without being too late.

Transportation for your guests

Strategy 1: Bus Your Guests to Your Venue

If your location is a bit far, you can have your attendees go to a more central location and then ferry them to and from your event. This way, you have a better handle on the time they will arrive, and you don’t have to worry about a bulk of your guests being stuck in a traffic jam. This is especially useful for guests who are from the media, as many of them often take public transportation or are coming from very tightly-packed schedules.

Off-Peak Hour Parties

Strategy 2: Hold Your Event at an Off-Peak Hour

With the heavy volume of vehicles on the road, every hour feels like rush hour. But avoiding mid-morning or mid-evening schedules gives you a better chance of passable roads. Events scheduled after lunch means your guests will hit the road at around lunchtime—usually a good time as most people are busy eating.

Party Outside the Metro

Strategy 3: Do It Out of the Metro

Planning an event that goes for consecutive days? Then do it out of town. Sure, you’ll need to travel more to get to your venue (plus, there’s now accommodation to worry about) but it also forces you to plan everything in a central location. However, this strategy will likely cost more, so check your budget!

Party at Weekends and Public Holiday

Strategy 4: Use Weekends and Public Holidays to Your Advantage

Public holidays usually translate to certain roads being almost carless—something you can explore when planning your event. Also, study if your event can be done early morning on a Saturday or Sunday, there’s a high probability that there are no traffic jams, then.

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