5 Essentials in Brand Activation Events

5 Essentials in Brand Activation Events

The identity of a business relies on its brand. The common goal of branding is to show people what makes your products or services stand out among others, and businesses usually do this by rolling out unique logos, signature colors, fun taglines, encouraging messages, and quality offers. Another effective strategy to attain this goal is to hold a brand activation event. 

Brand Activation and Event Marketing in a Nutshell

What is Brand Activation?

Brand activation refers to “activating” the value of your brand by making consumers experience your products or services. Through brand activation, a relationship can be established between the brand and their consumers, increasing their brand awareness. The personal interaction between the consumers and the brand which happens during brand activation will create a lasting impression, and participants in the activation will more likely to talk about your brand to others.  

Brand Activation vs. Experiential Marketing

Brand Activation vs. Experiential Marketing

Now, this may all sound quite similar to experiential marketing, where the brand initiates direct engagement to consumers. However, in experiential marketing, all activities that any consumer can participate in have only one purpose: selling products. In comparison, brand activation uses experiential marketing not just for selling, but as a way to “activate” a brand’s value for potential customers.

Event marketing is responsible for planning out and executing events that aim to promote the brand. Using events for the business, brand activation is very powerful, as people tend to remember events more than simple, short encounters with the brand message. When consumers get to try products or services, you can be assured that they’ll be hard pressed to forget the experience. 

Brand activation can help establish connections with your targeted audiences. It can be a powerful strategy that bridges the gap between your product and the consumers. However, to ensure the success of brand activation events, there are important elements that you must not overlook.

5 Essentials in Brand Activation Events

5 Essentials in Brand Activation Events

Before carrying out a brand activation event, it’s important to know what you need to have to guarantee the event’s success. Here are five essentials in any brand activation event:

  • Event Location and Timing

There’s no activation without attendees, so you have to make sure that your target audience can actually go to yours. Choose an event location where you can usually find them. 

Timing is also an important factor when deciding the event date and time. For example, if a business brand targets couples, it might be a good idea to hold the event during Valentine’s weekend. Aim for the date and time when the target consumers are most available.        

  • Food

Good news for your finance department: You don’t need to budget for food all the time, especially if your events are quick one-and-dones. But if the event is going to take a half day, it obviously needs to keep everyone energetic by giving them food. 

Things to consider when plotting out the pica-pica include the expected number of participants, budget, and convenience or comfort for the guests.     

  • Activities

Here’s the most crucial—and the most fun—part of every activation: plotting out (and executing!) the actual activities. Remember, your goal is to immerse your attendees into your brand experience. Plan carefully to ensure that every activity is worthwhile for your consumers. The goal here is to make their experience with products or services unforgettable—and that should be in a good way. 

  • Giveaways

Facing a tough, stone-faced crowd? Giving away small gifts can persuade even the most reluctant people to participate in your brand activation event. Aside from that, a little take home gift will give your participating target consumers a little extra something that will make them remember their experience in your event every time they see the giveaway. Don’t just go for generic giveaways; make them unique, and don’t forget your brand name.

  • Event Security

The security of guests is always a must in every event. However, in brand activation events, where lare groups of people can quickly overwhelm a booth, there is also an increased risk in their security. 

Let security experts assess the location first before anything else to identify the security needs of the brand activation event. Worst-case scenarios should be considered, no matter how impossible they may seem. Always have a medical crew team on standby in case of incidents that require first aid. Allocating a suitable budget for event security and developing an extensive event security plan can and will prevent a number of hazards. Remember: hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. 

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