Event Booth Ideas: How to Build a Remarkable Event Booth

Event Booth Ideas: How to Build a Remarkable Event Booth

Participating in a trade show is a huge investment not only in terms of money but in time as well. Therefore, maximizing ROI in every way is vital. To get the most bang out of your buck, they are best utilized to give people a fun and interactive experience with your brand or product in order to create a memorable connection with your customers. 

This comprehensive article discusses the value of booths and the factors that determine their effectiveness in your corporate events

Why Include Booths in Your Events?

Why Include Booths in Your Events?

Event booths do more than just welcoming your customers. They offer a great opportunity to share a direct and meaningful moment with consumers. They communicate your brand’s message and identity while showcasing your product and also the benefits that it can provide. 

In other words, event booths provide a total brand experience.

10 Easy Tips to Build a Remarkable Event Booth

As you would want to give the best brand experience to the people, creating a remarkable event booth isn’t easy. Many of you might have attended or already participated in trade shows and exhibits in the past. How well did it go? The booths that made a connection with you were probably the booths which stood out. If your booth isn’t interesting, people will not be interested. 

Use these 10 simple trade show tips to attract visitors to your booth. 

1. Choose the Best Location

If you have extra budget, choose the best location for your event booth - which is the area easily seen by the audience. Most trade shows offer prime locations for exhibitors at an additional cost. The more foot traffic, the more potential buyers you can get. 

2. Show the Best of Your Brand

Buyers are easily drawn to attractive booths. Emphasize what your brand wants to communicate to your audience through creative design. But not only should your booth look appealing, it should also be approachable. Make sure you have various display options like standees, flyers, pamphlets, or video demos on an HD screen. 

Building an event booth that will stand out is vital for the success of your trade show marketing. Consider investing extra for a booth which you can re-use for years. 

3. Pick the Perfect Booth Hosts

How booth hosts talk with people is a significant factor of your audience’s overall experience with your brand. Have someone who is courteous and trained enough to answer simple questions or connect potential buyers to appropriate staff members. 

If you’re willing to spend extra, hire a model, brand ambassador, singer, or another type of entertainer that matches your company persona. 

4. Offer Irresistible Show Specials

One way to generate better ROI through trade show marketing is by offering tempting discounts. Make sure your show special is easily visible.

5. Reach a Wider Audience through Social Media

Post photos of your event’s highlights with a hashtag. Encourage everyone to use the hashtag when sharing anything about the event online. Don’t forget to invite your followers to come by your booth and offer special incentives through your social media channels.

6. Run Exciting Contests and Games

Depending on your goal, you can run fun games and contests in exchange for something from the attendees like a business card or filling out a short questionnaire. Everybody loves games, especially winning prizes!

7. Provide Free Snacks or Drinks

Offering free snacks or drinks will also help draw people to your booth. Ensure that the treats you offer are in line with your brand identity. 

8. Show Attendees What Your Brand is About

Trade shows are just one of the many avenues where you can demonstrate your company’s value to your target market. It’s a good idea to have your portfolio displayed or printed out and arranged in a binder so people can easily see why they should award you their trust. 

People at trade shows are similar to kids in a candy store. They like to touch things and that’s what you should let them do. You can have an interactive product or service demo focusing on the benefit you can offer your audience, and not just the features. 

9. Have Plenty of Giveaways

It’s a must to prepare a lot of freebies like business cards, brochures, pens, shirts, mugs, and a lot more. People attending trade shows and fairs expect to take home lots of cool giveaways. To help your brand stand out, don’t just focus on putting your logo on your goodies but make sure any freebie serves a purpose.

10. Create Buzz even After the Event

Aside from all the pre-event campaign, writing blog and social media posts after the event extends its momentum. Such content can also generate buzz. It can reach even those who didn’t attend the event which increases your brand exposure online.

Know more ways on how to build a remarkable trade show booths? Share us your insights by leaving a comment below.