A cause doesn’t end once the fundraising event is finished. The cause continues. And one day, it will require its supporters to contribute again. To prevent people from forgetting the cause– and to deepen the link between the cause and your organization or brand – the following up after the event is critically important.


Say 'Thank you' | How to Organize a Fundraising Event: Following Up

Say 'Thank you'

The most important thing to do is to say thanks. People and organizations have generously donated their money, time, and resources to your event – contributions that need to be recognized and appreciated.  Thank not only the sponsors, but also the attendees, the volunteers – everyone! This will make them feel acknowledged and more likely to help your cause again. Remember to personalize your thanks as much as possible to make it more meaningful. Place phone calls to important contributors and, to make things easier, use email automation tools to generate customized letters for the thousands of others.

Gather Feedback | How to Organize a Fundraising Event: Following Up

Gather Feedback

Aside from sending your thanks, it’s also crucial to understand what worked and what didn’t in order to improve your next fundraising event. To have a complete picture, you need the opinions of the contributors and the attendees. Discuss the event with your team and partners, and send a survey to others to collect their suggestions and complaints.

Share the Results | How to Organize a Fundraising Event: Following Up

Share the Results

Don’t forget to share the tangible results of people’s contributions. A thank you is great but actually showing how they helped a community is even greater. Announce the metrics, such as the fundraising totals plus the number of books, medicine, or food that it can buy for this many children, families, or victims. Aside from the mental satisfaction brought out by achieving large numbers, create emotional fulfillment by showing people gratefully getting help.

Keep People Engaged | How to Organize a Fundraising Event: Following Up

Keep People Engaged

After you’ve said your thanks, gotten their responses, and shared the results, it’s still not over. You can still help the cause – and open opportunities for your organization – by continuing to update people on what’s happening. Relate developments and breakthroughs, or showcase smaller parts of the greater cause through constant emails, social media, or blogs. By doing this, you demonstrate that they’ve made a difference and your organization or brand is still a part of the cause.


Following up after the event may not be necessary to the event but it’s good for your cause and for your brand.  People respect commitment and trust organizations that don’t use charity as a marketing gimmick. Keep on following up and the next fundraising event will become even more successful.