Valentine’s day is just around the corner and as usual, a lot of people already have plans to make this day romantic. But apart from that, it is also the time when one becomes extra thoughtful and feels a lot of pressure to come up with the best gifts for loved-ones.

It is truly a special time of the year and you can make it more memorable by choosing the right gifts for your family, friends, and special someone. 

For those who are having a hard time finding the best presents, this infographic presents 35 no nonsense gift items that will surely fit your budget.

35 Affordable Valentine’s Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones

35 Affordable Valentine’s Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones

For Him

1. Swiss Knife

An essential that brings out the ‘MacGyver’ in every man. Make him smile without spending a lot by choosing a non-Swiss brand.

2. A good set of Socks

Nothing like a good pair of comfy socks for the man who often have lots of errands to run. Find good socks that match his style and pamper the feet at the same time.

3. Earphones

Earphones are one of today’s tech essentials, especially for the music lover. 

4. White Wine or Champagne

Cap your Valentines date by sharing a romantic toast of white wine or a champagne of his choice.

5. Pomade

Make Valentine’s day the start of his transformation!

6. Driving Shoes

The man who takes the extra effort to drive you home deserves a pair of comfy driving shoes.

7. White Basic Tees

Choose quality basic white tees that he can wear on casual Saturdays or to replenish his undershirts.

8. Wayfarers

Every Filipino guy needs a stylish pair of sunglasses, your guy needs one too! A pair would be great to style up and to protect eyes from glare.

9. Sweatshirt

For a fitbuff, give a sweatshirt that he can use for an early morning jog.

10. Leather Cable Organizer
Help him stay organized, a leather organizer would just be perfect to keep cables in place and untangled.

For Her

1. Cosmetic Case

Even though you can’t get her a cosmetic product, at least you can give her a nice case to hold them.

2. Cool Shades

Remember that summer is just around the corner so it’s the perfect time to give her a cool pair of shades.

3. At-home Spa Essentials

Girls love being pampered and an at-home spa would just be perfect to include in her beauty routine.

4. Planner

For the organizing freak who wants to make sure that plans and goals for the year are noted, this is a must-have!

5. Lingerie or Sleep Shirt

A person who considers sleep as quality time, a comfortable nightwear is such a welcome treat!

6. Silicone Mold

Support her baking and pastry needs. Give her these funny shape silicone mold that guarantees to make baking more fun! 

7. Exercise Belt

A woman just needs everything within reach even during a workout! A chic exercise belt would just be perfect to stuff with her phone, wallet, and even her beauty first-aids.

8. Flip flops

When wedges and pumps no longer feel right, a pair of flip flops will surely be a welcome treat!

9. Silk scarf

Only a woman knows how a silk scarf works. Give this as a gift and see how she can get so creative in using it.

10. Hot Air Balloon Festival Ticket

A hot air balloon date will create unforgettable memories and she will surely thank you for the treat!


1. 64 set Crayons
See how those creative hands can work with colors. After all, you have also wanted that 64-piece crayon set when you were just a kid. 

2. Funny Binoculars

Complete his/her adventure starter pack with a good pair of binoculars.

3. Colorful Tangram

Stimulate their creative minds with a colorful puzzle game like Tangram
4. Art Snack Subscription

A February subscription of art supplies to support his/her creative pursuits can make way for priceless pieces that you’ll surely treasure.

5. Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys

Share that thrilling and mind blowing experience you had when you were a kid reading detective stories from Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys.

6. Toy Camera

Many legendary photographers started shooting when they’re young. Your kid might have a special talent for photography waiting to be tapped.

7. Clay Dough and Molds

Let them feel the sense of fulfillment in making beautiful crafts with clay molds

8. Lego Set

Something’s lacking in your childhood when you weren’t able to play lego. Don’t let this happen to your kids and see how their minds work through the stuffs they’ll build.

9. Kid’s Watch

A glow-in-the-dark watch is a must-have for kids.It’s the kind of thing that they’ll show off to their friends and you can even them time management with it.

10. Ticket to Sandbox

Treat them out for a day full of adventure and challenge at Sandbox, Pampanga. 

For your Broken Hearted Friend or Family Member

1. Tita Witty 2017 Planner

A perfect planner to give your friend a daily dose of reminder in the most hilarious way.

2. Mason jar

If he/she is on a stage of depressed-eating, a mason jar is a good reminder to be in control.

3. Flash Drive

It’s time to store new memories. Let her/him ditch the old to make room for fresh beginnings.

4. Starbucks Card

If one chat over coffee is not enough to vent out his/her emotions, a Starbucks card is a lifesaver.

6. Gorilla Glass Screen Protector

Some breakups can be pricey, don’t let it happen to a friend. With this screen protector, his/her phone can be spared from sudden burst of emotions.

Finally found the perfect valentine’s gift for your loved one? Share us what you’ve chosen by commenting below.

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