Doy Roque, M2.0 Communication’s CEO, shares his thoughts on the changing communication landscape, the authenticity of news, Gen Z, and how they all relate to each other in his guest appearance on the Mornings @ ANC television show.

The communication landscape has drastically changed in the past decade, according to Doy Roque. Once, we religiously read newspapers in the morning and listened to TV or radio news at night but now, we check social media, forums, and blogs instead. Bloggers and social media influencers share place with journalists in press conferences.

But in this age of citizen journalism and clickbait media, determining the authenticity of information is harder than ever. Our society has arrived at a place where content is consumed as long as it coincides with our suspicions or beliefs without regard to actual truth.

And such is the state of communication that Gen Z is growing up in. Born in the years 1995-2010, those from Gen Z don’t want to become doctors or lawyers; they aspire to be YouTubers or bloggers. They heavily rely on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to stay updated.

Given these points, Doy Roque challenges the industry to rethink PR and advertising. Businesses need to cover the many online platforms that exist, be “authentic” in their approach, and create their own content to shape their communities’ thoughts.

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