Now that you’ve found a cause and set a goal for your fundraiser, it’s time to figure out how to implement it. There are many types of event fundraisers, and each caters to different audiences and has its own strengths.

Here’s a list of event fundraisers to help you decide what’s best for your company’s or organization’s goals:

FUN RUN | Choosing Your Event

1. Fun Run

Because Filipinos are more health-conscious these days, fun runs are a popular way of raising money. This type of event appeals to all ages, and is targeted mainly towards those wish to stay fit or lose weight.

AUCTION | Choosing Your Event

2. Auction

Auctions can be a good source of profit for your cause since it attracts those who have strong purchasing power. It acts as a social gathering for your benefactors as well, giving them another reason to attend. The challenge with this type of fundraiser would be procuring the items for auctioning and getting a substantial amount of guests to come, as these will determine the size of the bids. Just remember that items aren’t the only thing you can offer. A night out with a handsome or pretty supporter can be an awesome prize!

GARAGE SALE | Choosing Your Event

3. Garage Sale

Garage Sales are a simple and cost-efficient way of raising funds since you will be selling used or unneeded items. The key to this fundraiser is to gather as much donations as possible for selling. Getting the word out about your garage sale is also crucial because you won’t make money if there isn’t anyone to buy your goods.

CONCERT | Choosing Your Event

4. Concert

Concerts are logistically challenging and expensive, but can be very lucrative if you are able to market it well. This type of event can appeal to a wide range of people, depending on the type of music or theme involved. It is also the type of event to attract sponsors, who are looking for a large gathering of people.

SPORTING EVENT | Choosing Your Event

5. Sporting Event

Like conferences and concerts, sporting events are also great opportunities to bring in sponsors. Partner up with professional sports associations and teams to organize exhibition charity games. They might not be as competitive as regular games, but sports fans would always like to see their heroes in action. Choose popular sports, such as basketball or volleyball to widen your fundraiser’s appeal.


Try to choose an event that you think will best engage your target audience. Raising money is the purpose of this effort, but creating a memorable experience for your audience will draw even more support for your cause.

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