How to Set-up a Golf Event for Millennials

Despite golf’s decline in the last decade, it is increasingly being picked up by millennials. However they aren’t attracted to traditional golf which requires tons of dedication and patience but a new type of golf exemplified by Top Golf, a chain of driving ranges. Its approach to the sport is unique, making it more relatable to the youth through the use of technology and entertainment. A venue like Top Golf isn’t available in the Philippines, but you can organize a project that’s inspired by this concept! If your brand needs to reach the millennial market, try engaging them by setting-up a golf event with some exciting twists! Here’s how:



Look for a Great Location

Secure a clear, flat, and open field. Ensure that there aren’t any hazards in the vicinity: cars, houses, buildings, roads, pathways, and people that golf balls might stray to. Alternatively, you can coordinate with an existing driving range and reserve the venue for your event. This way, you won’t have to worry too much about bringing in equipment and setting up.



Get the Gear

Rent essential golfing equipment: clubs, gloves, tees, golf balls, golf mats, and first-aid kits. Get an estimate headcount of attendees to know how much gear you need to procure. Since you’ll most likely be hosting beginners and amateurs, your golf equipment need not be the expensive type.



Make it Unconventional

Instead of the usual yardage markers you’d see in a driving range, place flags in different spots to serve as targets. Mark the area surrounding the flag with colored rings to form a target board. Each ring will have corresponding points, with smaller ones scoring the highest.



Keep Score

Millennials love competition! Make it exciting by having them fill-out score cards and awarding the top scorers! Keep track of their points individually or divide them into teams. For a more structured contest, you can implement a tournament format like round robin or elimination.



Integrate Social Media

An event for millennials is never complete without hashtags, live feeds, and Instagram-worthy stuff. Create an official event page and hashtag, set up a 360-camera to broadcast the event on Facebook, and dress up the venue to encourage guests to take photos and share the event in social media!



Turn Up the Fun

Amp up the fun factor in your millennial golf event: play lively music, serve golf-themed food, and add high-tech attractions like drones and interactive walls!


Golf isn’t just for the older generation. With a little tweaking, you can use the sport to organize a fun and exciting event that resonates with millennials!

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