How to Write an Effective Sponsorship Letter for Your Fundraising Event

How to Write an Effective Sponsorship Letter for Your Fundraising Event

If you are considering the idea of seeking sponsorship for your event, you're probably wondering how you can convince potential sponsors and be spared from getting ignored. While it may seem intimidating to ask someone for money, there are several factors that make the task less daunting. It starts with a perfectly made sponsorship letter.

To spare you from making mistakes in sponsorship requests, we've collected the most important aspects to consideration to effectively write a sponsorship letter that can win you the support you need for your event.

Tips in Composing an Effective Sponsorship Letter

1. Create Structure

Think of your letter as an alternative to an in-person meeting where you will need to create a connection as much as possible. Avoid addressing the letter To Whom It May Concern. Instead, address it to the appropriate person or the organization itself.

Introduce Yourself

Provide the reader a brief information that they will find relevant about you or your organization.


NOTE: All of these should be included in a sentence or two. Don’t flood your reader with too much irrelevant information otherwise you’ll lose their interest.



Print your letter with a letterhead and an event logo to give them an impression of what they can expect from your marketing materials. It also gives the added benefit of appearing more sophisticated and professional.

2. State Your Purpose

Proceed by describing the details of the event, its purpose, and your cause or reason for fundraising. Spell out the details. Include the metrics such as the audience demographics to give an insight to the size and scope of the event.

3. Present Your Request

Upon the stating your purpose, you should present your request and be specific about the assistance you need. Always support it with a credible reason to ask for sponsorship, along with a brief explanation on why your organization won’t be able to cover the full cost of the event.

Sponsorship Options

In a separate document, delineate a range of sponsorship tiers. This way, you are giving them a variety of ways to show support even if they may not be able to provide all that you need.

4. Offer Opportunities and Rewards

Sponsorship requests are best presented with the benefits of both parties in mind. That is why when reaching out, you also have to emphasize on how sponsors will benefit from your event. Outline the advantages and show how incentives equally increase depending on the amount that they are willing to give.


TIP: Rewards can vary from inclusion of name and logo on promotional materials, mention of brand during the event to opportunities to conduct short presentations on the duration of the event.


5. End with a Conclusion

Conclude the letter with a heartfelt gratitude. Avoid thanking them for their generosity in advance, as this may sound an assumption of their help. Instead, thank them for the time they spent reading and considering your request.

6. Proofread

Proofread the sponsorship request and fix errors, misspelled words, or typos. It will be helpful to have a number of people to review the letter in order to avoid mistakes. Once done, the letter is ready to be sent.

Tips for Writing an Effective Sponsorship Letter

Keep It Brief – the proposal should be specific and direct. Simply provide a brief overview of the entire purpose of the letter.

Keep It Donor-Centric – concentrate on how the sponsor will benefit and not how the donation will help you.

Start with Existing Sponsors - reach out to past sponsors. Remember to acknowledge their prior support.

Keep Track of Sponsors – once the event is over, thank them immediately and as often as possible. Keep them in the loop to make it easier to request their support in your future events.


Sponsors are key contributors to a successful event. It’s important to maintain good relationships with them and likewise to ask their feedback on improving the event, as well as their experience as sponsors.


Have you ever written a sponsorship proposal letter before? We’d love to know your methods. Share them in the comments section below.

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