2018 is only a few months away but for companies that want to organize events next year, planning should occur as soon as possible. However, there is a problem with early planning: you are only aware of last year’s trends. But a successful corporate event needs to be current, therefore it’s crucial to learn what will trend in 2018. Fortunately, here are seven that can only get more popular



1. Immersive Technology

First in importance is immersiveness. It’s the goal that all events are striving towards. It contributes to the attendee’s experience, ensuring that the company’s message is properly conveyed through experience. Technology has been the greatest factor for a successful immersive event. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, holograms and more are improving various occasions by letting a person sense what the event wishes him to feel.



2. Unique Catering Ideas

Another critical factor is food. Good meals are always impressive and they are the key to engaging a person’s taste buds. But food isn’t just about taste. It needs to become visual. Catering needs to create Instagram-worthy meals. The table settings will be gorgeous as well and complement the event theme. For example, if your event concept is Swan Lake then serve the desserts with ice sculptures of swans.



3. Compact Event Kits

Don’t expect your event kits to remain the same too. Vouchers and printed programs are yesterday’s news. Technology is also making things easier by lessening the amount of stuff a participant has to bring. Scannable QR codes, RFIDs, and downloadable smartphone apps make registration a breeze and offer electronic interactive programs. Vehicle voucher? A mobile code for Uber or Grab is a better alternative.


4. Diverse Venues

Hotels and restaurants are no longer the only option for a corporate event. Fun and unique venues that fit the theme will show up more and more in 2018. Warehouse type venues will become more important because with creativity, they can be fit to any theme. But expect more location variety in the days ahead.



5. Network Breaks

Additionally, event programs will no longer seem as if they last forever. Entertainment spectacles are out while vignettes are in. Corporate events are being regarded as places to network with important people. In 2018, organizers need to insert breaks and offer informal set-ups where guests can meet other guests.


6. Personalized Marketing and Registration

Template invitations and registrations are slowly becoming an artifact of the past. With the amount of data available that can be gleaned online, it’s possible to send customized invitations and follow-ups designed to encourage people to attend. And these can be done in a quick pace. A good example of this personalized approach in action is the 2017 Digital Advantage Forum in which registrants and speakers were contacted and registered swiftly.

7. Attendee Choice

Lastly, companies should learn to let participants choose what they want out of the event to create a unique and personal experience. In 2018, events will be tailor-made to the registrants. They can choose the sessions and breakouts that answer their personal and their companies’ interests and needs.


2018 is arriving quickly. Remember to incorporate these trends when planning next year’s events. Need help with planning for your 2018 events? Set a meeting with our marketing team today.