Christmas Basket Ideas

Christmas Basket Ideas

The holiday season is already in full swing. By this time, you should have your gifts ready. But, in case there’s someone who isn’t ticked off from your list yet, there’s still one great solution to get them covered – Christmas baskets.

While ordinarily, Christmas baskets are typically anticipated by employees, they can actually add a personal touch to them by including practical items that match the taste and preferences of your recipients. These can include items like homemade treats, baking supplies, grooming products and more. In fact, your creativity is the only limit to crafting a personalized gift basket.

Want some ideas? If you find it hard to shop for unique gifts for your officemates, check this list of 10 Christmas basket ideas for your upcoming office party.

1. Baking Gift Basket

Inspire the budding baker in your office with their very own baking basket. Layer it with a few kitchen towels and throw in things like common baking ingredients, baking wares and everything that will fit in it. Include your favorite recipe to make things extra sweet! TIP: You can alter the basket with a batter bowl for added practicality!

2. Coffee Lover’s Gift Basket

Source: the TOMKAT studio

Source: the TOMKAT studio

This coffee-themed gift basket is a practical gift for all the caffeine-lovers in your office. Focus on all things coffee: mugs, saucers, coffee beans and treats! Wrap it with a ribbon and seal it with a printed monogram to add the perfect finishing touch.

3. Gardening Gift Basket

Source:  Dreaming in DIY

Motivate your green-thumbed officemate to keep the digging going with this gardening gift basket. This should include fun gardening items like gloves, seed packets, planters, grow lights and more. What’s great about this gift is that it will last and even grow-- long after it’s unwrapped.

4. Home Spa Gift Basket

Source: Crafting Chicks

Source: Crafting Chicks

Spa gift baskets make delightful gifts for any season. To create one, fill a basket with the generic spa items: bath salts, scented candles, bath towels and pumice stones and other pampering essentials. Then, fill the gaps with customized items such as homemade soaps, bath bombs, lotions and creams.

NOTE: Whatever you will add in your basket, it’s always important to follow a theme so it won’t be an eyesore.

5. Crockpot Gift Basket

Source:  Tonya Staab

Source: Tonya Staab


What could be a better gift than something that can be used immediately? If you work with someone who loves the smell of delicious food wafting through the house, but can’t seem to find time to prepare meals, this gift is the right one for them. Just put together some basic ingredients in a crockpot, before throwing in a holiday cookbook that should help them get a head start.

6. Gamer’s Gift Basket

A basket of gaming goodies is a perfect balance of creativity and practicality. Whether you opt for a collection of board games, video games or sports games, pick out some energy snacks to add in to complete the gaming experience! Here are some ideas from The Dating Divas.

7. Breakfast Gift Basket

Source:  Curly Q. Paper

This heartful little basket is for those who only drink coffee for breakfast. Think of what a full breakfast should be consisted of: homemade spreads, whole wheat breads, fruit juices, pancake mixes, bacons and an assortment of coffee mixes. These are sure to kick start anyone’s day!

8. S’mores Gift Basket

Source:  Driven by Decor

There’s usually no space for a backyard bonfire, but there’s always a place for a DIY mini fire pit in a gift basket. Fill it with a generous number of S’mores supplies – marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers – and you’re ready to send anyone off to a camping trip.

9. Movie Night Gift Basket

Source:  The DIY Mommy

Movie nights are better with an all-star cast of the all-time favorite theater goodies: popcorns, chocolates and other sweet treats. Package everything in a popcorn tin can or a tin basket and it’s good to go!

10.  Fitness Gift Basket

Source:  Mom Endeavors

Finally, to encourage that friend whose goal is to get in shape next year, this one is the perfect gift basket for them! Usually, people work hard to shed off the added pounds that they have acquired over the holiday season. And it would be a relief to find basic exercise ‘tools’ in a fitness basket that can help them start the new year in the right foot.

Whatever you may decide to gift for your office mates this year, it always pays to remember the old saying, it’s the thought that counts. Cliche as it may sound, but it’s true that it’s  the kindness behind an act that matters-- no matter how inexpensive or costly your gift may be. Likewise, always be grateful for the gifts you are receiving this Holidays.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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