Fun and unique food can be a mood-booster and a topic of conversation among guests. You might not prioritize it often or give it too much thought, but food can be an important factor in making your event stand out. It’s an aspect that organizers can improve and experiment with to provide the best experience for their guests.

Here are six ideas to inspire you to up your food game in your upcoming holiday office parties or your next corporate launch and event:


Skewer Smorgasbord

Skewer smorgasbord

Prepare meats, veggies, sweets—pretty much anything you can put on a stick and have guests make their own shish kebab! This allows people to choose what they want to eat and allows them to get creative with countless food combinations. Give them options on how to cook it, too: grill, fry, boil, etc.!


Performing Chef

Master Chef

Hire a performing chef or set up an “action station” for an exciting and delicious dining experience! They’ll mesmerize the audience with cooking stunts and more importantly, serve great food.


Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belt

Set up a conveyor belt and overwhelm people with countless food choices! It’s not only convenient for guests as they can easily grab whatever they want to eat but the whole thing is a visual treat as well.


Dips Galore

Dips galore

Don’t limit yourself to just ketchup and mayonnaise. Provide your guests with multiple dips and sauces for a super flavorful eating experience! Here are some suggestions:  ranch, cheese, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, tartar, blue cheese, remoulade, sriracha, peanut.


Sushi Station

Sushi station

Have your guests create their own sushi! Provide them with fresh ingredients and hire a sushi guru for a unique and educational meal.


Photo from

Photo from

Food wall

It might sound silly, but try serving your food off a wall instead of a table. You can be really creative with this one: incorporate art and themes into your food wall for a very Instagram-worthy event!


Provide your guests with a food experience they won’t forget!

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