‘Tis the season for all things festive – Christmas parties, gift exchanges, and all things bright and cheerful! The holiday breeze is already in the air and it’s never too early to plan things ahead. A Christmas party is never complete without a good list of games that will keep everyone in their toes. And if you have already run out of ideas for fun and exciting adult Christmas party games, we’ve done the research for you. Whether you are planning a Christmas party in the office or for the oldies in your home, here’s 15 adult party games you need to try!

1. Name That Carol

Each player or group must be provided with a similar list of short snippets of lyrics from popular Christmas carols. The participants must guess the song title and whoever gets the most correct answers within a set amount of time wins.

2. Human Bingo

This game is a fun and effective way to break the ice in a workplace. To play, you must create a list of 9 to 16 characteristics, personalities, or facts for the bingo card. Each participant has no other way but to walk around the room and find someone that matches a category. The first one to fill in their list wins the game.

3. Gift Wrap-Up

In this game, each team of two is provided with a gift wrap, scissors, tape and ribbon. Each pair will have to stand side by side with their hands that are next to each other tied together are , leaving the remaining hands on the sides free. The team must wrap a present using only their free hands and the one that finishes first wins the game.

In this game, each team of two is provided with a gift wrap, scissors, tape, and ribbon. Each pair will have to stand side by side with their hands next to each other tied together. The team must wrap a present using only their free hands and the one that finishes first wins the game.

4. Ornament Guess

This activity is by far the easiest. You will only need to have your guests guess the total number of ornaments on the tree. The person with the closest prediction wins.

5. Holiday ABC

To play this game, players must write down a list of holiday words that start with the alphabet from A to Z. The first one to complete the list wins.

6. Christmas Memory Game

This brain-racking game only needs you to put a good number of Holiday items on a tray. Allot a minute for your guests to memorize the items before you take the tray away. Have them write as many as they can remember in 30 seconds.

7. Unwrap a Gift

An opposite of the Gift Wrap-Up game, this will have players unwrap a gift and the one who gets to the last layer wins the prize.

Here’s how to play the game:

Materials: A Santa hat, a bulky pair of mitts, a gift wrapped in multiple layers of paper and a dice.

1. Have the players sit in a large circle and set the gift in the middle with the hat and gloves next to it.

2. The first person rolls a die and if it results to six, he will have to run to the center, put on the hat and mitts, and unwrap the gift one layer at a time.

3. Each player will have a turn to roll the dice and the person who tears the last wrap takes home the prize.

8. Christmas Balloon Burst

To play this game, the participants will be divided into two groups: one with red and another with green balloons tied to their ankles. The goal is to pop the opposite team’s balloons and survive the popping craze. The one with the most unharmed balloons until the time expires wins.

9. Wreath Hoops

What you need in this game is a hoop hung on the ceiling, ping pong balls, and blindfolds. To play the game, players will have to be divided into pairs: one member is blindfolded while the other gives instructions on how to get the balls through the hoop. The pair with the most balls shot through the hoop wins.

10. Christmas Card Match

To prepare for this game, collect some old Holiday cards and cut them in twos or fours. Gather the pieces in a tray and mix them up. As your guests arrive, have them pick a card and look for the person with the matching pieces. This will make groupings for later games easier and, not to mention, encourage guests to seat randomly for dinner.

11. Holiday Charades

This is a great way to spend the rest of the Christmas Eve. For your holiday list, consider using Christmas song or movie titles for the players to act out. Of course, the team with the most correct answer wins.

12. Sticker Stalkers

To play this game, each guest must be given a 10-sticker page. The goal is to get rid of all the stickers by cunningly sticking them to other unsuspecting guests. However, if caught, the sticker must be taken back and they have the liberty to stick one of his stickers on you. Additionally, if someone falsely accuses you of sticking on them, you can automatically put one of your stickers on him. The first one to empty the sheet wins.

13. Paper Plate Game

This game is as simple as drawing a Christmas scene on a paper plate. But, the twist lies in the fact that each player must place the plate on top of his head and draw without looking. Happy Home Fairy shares the mechanics and the rules to count up points as well.

14. Holiday Scavenger Hunt

For an outdoor activity, head out in the car and start hunting for Christmas lights, carolers, and all things that embodies the spirit of Christmas. Create a list for each pair of players and see who gets it full first.

TIP: Laminate your list and wipe it clean to reuse it over again for next year.

15. Left-Right Christmas Game

A Christmas Eve is never complete without a gift exchange. If you want to spice up this tradition, try this twist from The White Elephant Rules.

Ready to throw a Christmas party for adults? Which games are you more likely to play? Let us know in the comments section below.

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