I’m Drunk, I Love You will end up as the hugot movie of the year. It’s a fun, painful, and moving film that will remind you of young love. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s a movie about two friends, Dio and Carson, who are about to graduate and the paths that they will take moving forward. While the story revolves around love, the theme of moving forward isn’t restricted to romance. The lessons can be just as applicable to your career as any other area of your life. But what lessons can we transfer from this love story to your job? Here are four below.


-- Mild spoiler alert! --


Kung ako si John Lloyd, mamahalin mo rin ako

The movie is peppered with songs that lend their tunes to the atmosphere. After all, the two main characters are musicians journeying to a music festival. The songs reflect their emotional whirlwind as they flit from highs and lows. One song early in the film, Lloydy, grabbed attention because it set the tone of the movie. It’s about wishing to be John Lloyd because that would make it so easy to get the attention of his crush. But the attention John Lloyd gets isn’t just because he has a cute face; he can actually act and he works hard at it. Being another person won’t solve your problems; it will probably just give you extra headaches plus your other problems. The good thing is that if you work at it, you can get into that other person’s shoes someday and you’ll be able to handle the load.


Seven Years (a Slave)

The story begins with Carson (Maja Salvador) having suffered seven years of oneitis for her best friend, Dio (Paulo Avelino). In those seven years drunkenly retold, Carson recounted the many times Dio went out with other women while she waited in the wings whenever he needed her. It was painful and she was never able to share her feelings until the events of the movie. 

Never let this be you.

Seven years struggling in a job position that isn’t getting any better just builds frustration. Just like Carson, it’s crucial to graduate from this situation by either taking the next step or by moving on. Continuing will result in unhappiness and missed opportunities. Always move forward in your career, especially if circumstances aren’t going well.


This could be the one

Jason Ty (Domini Roco) is Carson and Dio’s gay friend. He too is looking for love and in the trip to the Music Festival in La Union he found someone. But not in the form he wished. 

Career opportunities are like that. Not everything will come in the way that you envision. You could turn it down but the opportunity might not present itself again. Remember, there’s no harm in trying.


Young Star

Dio moans that he isn’t a successful artist because he hasn’t been featured in Young Star. And he let this lack of recognition influence his choices. It can’t be ignored that recognition is important and working in obscurity is a burden but getting yourself featured in a paper isn’t everything. There will be many times in your chosen career that you will be overlooked so don’t make drastic choices just because of it. In fact, there are many ways to put yourself out there, such as building your personal brand through social media.

For young professionals, love and career are two very important aspects of people’s lives. Do your best to succeed in both. 


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