5 Fun Ways to Engage Conference Attendees before an Event

5 Fun Ways to Engage Conference Attendees before an Event

You’ve worked on your event for months. Everything is ready, from the speakers, the venue to the most minute details. The only thing that you have to worry about at the moment is: how to capture the attention of your attendees and especially keep their enthusiasm up until the big day.

Remember that the attendance of your registrants also shares a big part in the success of your event. To avoid a “no show”, and to keep the thrill and excitement alive, we’re sharing in this post, 5 proven tips to have a great  audience engagement strategy.

5 Fun Ways to Engage Conference Attendees

1. Create a Teaser Prior to Your Event

As the event draws closer, develop content that can intrigue and engage your potential attendees. Use social media and other channels to publish teasers that will enable you to reach out and spark the curiosity of a wider audience. 

Teasers come in various forms. It can be a blog that discusses your event, a video of the speakers, or a social media contest, as long as it comes with selling points that can invigorate the interests of your target attendees.

2. Send Out Personalized Emails

Personalization is the future of audience engagement and this is important for your target audiences. By customizing your approach to your attendees in your email, the letter has a 20 percent higher chance of being opened and read. One simple way to do this is by including their name, work, and family when composing your message.

Simplify this strategy by using email segmentation software. For instance, an email can be sent about the specific parallel session that the attendee signed up for; maps and direction for attendees coming from a particular place; add-on items that attendees are likely to purchase based on the preferences they provided in the registration form; and more.

3. Take a Poll or Survey in Social Media

Real time interaction with your attendees also increases audience engagement. With social media polls, attendees can directly contribute their suggestions and ideas. It is also a good opportunity for you to learn more about your attendees’ preferences so you can customize your plan according to what suits them best.

A more formal approach to audience engagement strategy is through the use of Google survey forms. After the registration and confirmation of attendance, you can send out a survey or poll about any aspects of your event, which doubles as a way of telling them how their input is valued. 

4. Launch a Social Media Contest

A social media contest is a tried and tested customer engagement strategy, but it also works well in engaging conference attendees. 

Start a contest on social networks where your target participants are most active. With exciting prizes at stake, it will be easier to attract attention towards your event, thrill your attendees, and make a buzz around your event. 

When you do this, it is best to give away prizes related to the event or something that will avoid a “no show”, e.g book of abstract and compilation of lectures from the speakers; overnight stay at a nearby hotel; etc.

5. Excite by Creating a Countdown

The last few days are crucial to your event’s success. You have to devise strategies that can stir their interests again and leave them with no excuse to not show up on your big day. 

Reignite their excitement by starting a countdown, at least 1 month before event. For example, you can use the significance of each number in your event as a teaser; e.g 7 Days to go then introduce 7 panelists. A promo video is also a good option especially when featuring performers, e.g bands and artists. Tap your media partners to extend your promotion with their help.

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