Location is one of the most crucial elements for brand activations. The wrong venue can easily undermine your attempts to publicize your product while the right location will help you shine a limelight on your brand. Choosing a good site depends on finding a place with the right combination of qualities that will help you meet your goals.



But what are these qualities that you should consider?


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Foot Traffic

The first thing to consider is the number of individuals that regularly visit the location. It’s a waste of money and effort to set up in an unpopular place. In general, the more people the better. In the Philippines, malls are great locations with thousands of people passing through every day. Parks, basketball courts, and other tambayan places can also be effective.




The next thing is the types of people that frequent the place. Different locations attract different individuals. For example, parks are often appealing to families and couples while basketball courts are generally young male playgrounds. Even the same type of place draws various classes of people; Power Plant Mall’s customers can be distinguished from SM shoppers. Choose a venue that your target buyer regularly visits.




The location’s characteristics and mood must also be considered. Your booth and brand need to relate to the place in some way. Depending on your strategy, your exhibit can match or contrast but it shouldn’t look out of place.



Amenities and Restrictions

The site needs to be able to fulfill your exhibits requirements. You can’t close a sale if the POS terminal that you need can’t be installed. Make sure that your venue can accommodate your Virtual Reality display or kinetic dance floor before the event. Check the electrical capabilities, security, and other fine details.




Lastly, locations cost money. Even in public areas, there will be permits involved. Some places are simply too expensive but they can be worth the price especially if they attract the demographics that you need.


Selecting a great location depends on balancing these considerations to achieve your objectives. To find a site, consider consulting with an activation event specialist. Through their experience of various sites, they can help you identify venues and their pros and cons. Get the place right and your ideal consumers will be able to experience and love your brand.

But what about consumers that can‘t pass by your activation? That’s where PR and digital marketing comes in. Learn more in the next installment!