There are so many different ways to engage people in today’s world that brand activation seems quaint and inefficient. However, its effectiveness even today can’t be denied. Its secret is its proven ability to move consumers towards your brand.

The reach of modern marketing media is amazing. A Philippine newspaper can reach 200 thousand people in a day.  Radio and TV captivate millions during their respective prime times. A single post in Facebook can potentially reach 60 million Filipinos overnight. But while media can tell people a brand’s message or shore its vision to millions of individuals, they struggle to generate a quality that activations produce effortlessly: experience.




Experience is crucial in inspiring demand. Experience is the best way for brands to create an emotional connection with consumers because this requires interactions in the widest range possible – from sensual to human connections. Fortunately, brand activations can create all those interactions.

alt="Brand Activation - Engaging senses"

They engage all five senses.

Publishing, broadcast, and digital media can only engage one or two senses; activation events can engage them all. It can create a controlled physical situation that immerses people in your brand to the exclusion of all else.

alt="Brand Activation - Personal Connections"

They create personal connections.

In media, interactions tend to be thin and tenuous because people know personalities indirectly. It’s very hard to get invested in words on a page or the voice and images of people from far away but in activations, consumers interact with the products directly. They can also connect with other people, such as brand ambassadors or fellow consumers.

alt="Brand Activations - Provoke Emotions"

They provoke emotions.

Feelings grow more intense the closer a person is and no other media can bring your brand closer than an activation. Your brand is there, physically present and waiting for a response. People will unavoidably have an emotional reaction.


Because of all these interactions, brand activations move people into action. In fact, they have to respond in some way. If your event is creative and appealing enough, the reaction will be positive and result in sales. Other methods can’t create such immediacy; people have trained themselves to skip, ignore, or tune out ads and messages that don’t catch their interested.



alt="Integrated Activations"

But that’s not all that brand activations can do. They have another important advantage. They can generate content in the other media. Good PR can place an activation in the newspapers or broadcasted in the radio or on TV. Consumers can even share it on their social networks. The other way around happening only happens rarely – if at all. With the proper projection, brand activations can continue to engage people even if they’re not in the vicinity.

Curiously, this means that as the digital age continues its onward march, activation events become even more important. They can offer an experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else while tech enables them to reach even more people than their venue allows.

If your product needs a boost, consider an activation campaign integrated with social media and public relations. It can be then edge that your marketing needs.


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