5 Ways to Spend Your Labor Day Weekend

May 1 is Labor Day! This year is extra special because aside from being a regular holiday it falls on a Monday. For many of us who are waiting for another long weekend, this much anticipated break is happening before the month ends!

Labor Day weekend gives you 3 consecutive days of rest. But instead of spending it at home, why don’t you plan a pleasurable and relaxing getaway? If you still haven’t planned any activity from April 29-May 1, we’ve got you covered. Here are some labor day weekend ideas that will help you do something  extra special this weekend that will allow you to recharge and enjoy!

Labor Day Weekend Tips

1. Snorkel and Dine at the Matabungkay Beach

Image Source: Flickr by  Hideyuki KAMON

Image Source: Flickr by Hideyuki KAMON


Matabungkay Beach is located in Lian, Batangas and has become a the number one destination for those who want to get a dose of the beach and the sun, without traveling too far from Manila.

In the early 50s, Matabungkay was a great weekend destination for Germans who were residing in Manila. Later on, it became a popular holiday getaway for those who love the sun, sea and sand. This Labor Day weekend, you can drive to Matabungkay beach to relax, enjoy good dining, go snorkeling, or simply get mesmerized by the sunset.

2. Play at Your Heart's Content at an Inflatable Island

Image Source:  Inflatable Island

Image Source: Inflatable Island


Work hard, play harder! This Labor Day weekend, you can play all you want in the biggest inflatable island in Asia. This newly opened playground is not just for kids, but for the kids-at-heart too!  Located at the Subic bay waters in Zambales, this 3,400 sqm island features inflatable slides, towers, bridges, Tarzan swings, human launchers, plus a lot more.

If you want the ultimate beach experience on Labor Day weekend, you will be delighted to find colorful umbrellas and bean bags, as well as unique food and refreshments that are available ‘onshore’. The island even boasts of a Bali-inspired lounge to give guests a luxurious, summer getaway feel. 

3. Enjoy a Flavorful Night at Flavor Nation Festival in BGC

Want to have fun but don’t want to go out of town on Labor Day weekend? No problem. 

On April 30, chill and have fun while enjoying good food and live music at the McCormick Flavor Nation Festival that is set to happen at the Bonifacio High Street Central Amphitheater. From 12pm to 9pm, you can treat yourself to free snacks as McCormick launches its newest line of noodles. If you love to cook, you can also learn new dishes from their resident chef.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. At 6 pm, local acts like Basti Artadi, Reese Lansangan, Fools & Foes, Sun Manager, Paranoid City, and Keiko Necesario will be performing to provide good music and entertainment. Come with your friends and family to make it a weekend to remember!

4. Night Trek to Mt. Batulao

Image Source: Flickr by  Doods Dumaguing

Image Source: Flickr by Doods Dumaguing


If you are a fitness buff and a nature lover, a night trek to Mt. Batulao could be the perfect Labor Day weekend getaway for you. Mt. Batulao is a popular trekking spot because it is just a ride away from Manila, with the option of riding the tricycle from Evercrest to the site.

The trails leading to the summit are well-maintained and there are refreshment stops along the way. 

But apart from that, what made Mt. Batulao a trekker’s haven are the truly remarkable landscapes and views. If a quick and pleasant escape is your kind of Labor day break, a trek to Mt. Batulao is what you’ll need.

5. Bike to Sierra Madre along Marilaque Highway

Image Source: Flickr by  jojo nicdao

Image Source: Flickr by jojo nicdao


‘Marilaque’ is a term created by riders that represent the cities and provinces covered by the highway, namely: Marcos Highway, Rizal, Laguna and Quezon. Over the years, it has served as a biker’s playground because of its beauty and serenity.

But of course, a road trip to Marilaque, especially on your Labor Day weekend, will be made more special if you stop by the interesting spots that you’ll find amidst the winding roads. This highway has so much to offer, including popular resorts, zip lines, ATV tracks, restaurants, and so much more!

For those who are looking forward to getting a much-needed break from their busy lives, the upcoming labor day weekend is your needed breath of fresh air. 

Ready for labor day weekend? Share us your plans by leaving a comment below.

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