Choosing the Perfect
Entertainment for Your Event:


Brand activations depend on engaging people far more than any other type of event. Even with a good location, the crowd might pass the activation by because there’s nothing there to attract them. To capture their interest, providing entertainment is recommended.

Unfortunately, brand activations come in different shapes and sizes with different goals and designs. The perfect entertainment for a specific activation needs to consider all the different factors that must be achieved. But it is possible to list the various options at your disposal.




Food is enjoyable, which makes their use amazing for entertainment. Taste is also an underused sense that can be used to differentiate your brand activation from the others. F&B brands can obviously use this effortlessly through taste-testing. But a little creativity – and partnerships – can make your brand delicious.




Unlike sight, sound is always on. It’s a human being’s first warning of danger. Because of this, people can’t help but respond emotionally to different types of noise. It can raise his anxiety or soothe his soul. While blasting loud noise can gain attention, it’s better to play sound that you want to identify with your brand. And don’t limit yourself to loudspeakers. A live acoustic guitar solo can be effective and make things more interesting by displaying the human element.




Games are delightful, engaging, and there are tons of them. Your brand has many options at your disposal. Remember to target your game to the audience. Video or virtual reality games are a hit with the youth and many older gamers will find it interesting while kissing booths can attract single men and women. Be imaginative and involve your brand. For example, a clothing brand can hang their apparel as targets for a shooting game.




Plays and dances are unusual but they can be utilized to gain an audience for your brand. Short vignettes and dances are extremely effective at drawing attention while being small enough to stage without the need of an elaborate theater. Street magic can sprinkle a little magic on your brand.



Ambassadors and Mascots

Brands are impersonal; they can’t interact. And this makes them boring. Give them a face, something to engage, and the situation becomes entertaining. Ensure that people who represent your brand are attractive, personable, and interesting. But people aren’t the only ambassadors. Your brand can use mascots such as a human person in suit or an animal. Costumed human mascots are generally geared to children but unusual animals and breeds will attract curiosity from young and old alike, especially when they can interact with it.



Product Demos

Don’t forget that your product can be a very good draw by itself. Simply demonstrate how it can be used by regular people to make their lives easier or better. Seeing your product live is better than any YouTube video because there is no room for camera or digital trickery. You can even let the audience use it to offer more proof.


Entertainment for brand activations is diverse. Always remember to pick one that fits the concept of your brand and event.

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