8 Things Only Working Moms
Can Understand


Being a working mom isn’t easy. It takes a different kind of skill to juggle kids, a career, and the different situations when the two inevitably mix. Here’s a glimpse into the unfathomably hectic lives of career moms.


1. Dragging Your Kid Up in the Morning

You need to go to work. Your children need to go to school – but they don’t want to. It’s a special type of nightmare that makes you want to stomp out of the house in frustration.


2. The Daily Commute Is Quality Time

But you won’t because the commute is one of the few times you can be with your kids.


3. Your Blouse Is Always in Danger

You arrive in the office after tucking your baby into bed or sending him away to nursery. When you freshen up, you finally notice something wet and sticky on your blouse and you can only wonder who noticed before you.


Mother's Day - Blouse

4. The Dreaded Phone Call from School

Hearing something happened to your baby while you’re at work can stop your heart. Then instead of going there immediately, you have to find a way to finish your projects first.


5. Background Noises when Working at Home

You’re at home working and calling clients and peers when your child does something – anything. Explaining the reason for the noise can take up half your conversations.


6. Multitasking Level: Expert

Remember the times you juggled the baby, kids, and work all at the same time?


7. Mother Mood Swings

You’re in pain. You barely had any sleep because of overactive kids. And your emotions are a wreck – while in the office.


8. Viva Skype

When work comes crashing, seeing and talking to your kid can make a world of difference to your mood.

Mother's Day

With this peek into the lives of working moms, you better appreciate more what they are going through. Give the most special woman in the world your love this Mother’s Day!

Cheers to all moms we work with!