Choosing the Perfect
Entertainment for Your Event:


Conferences can go on for hours. Endless meetings, presentations, and discussions can cause attendees to grow weary and disinterested. To liven them up and give each other something to talk about (which is essential for networking), you will want engaging activities to rouse people’s spirits during its breaks and intermissions or the after party. Here are 5 entertainment options that you might want to try:


Conference Entertainment - Robot

Interactive Robot

Make the attendees feel like they’re in the future with a walking and talking robot they can interact with! With a machine like Titan the Robot roaming around the venue during breaks, you’ll surely pique the curiosity of guests. They’re perfect for tech and science-related conferences.


Conference Entertainment - Artist

Digital Caricaturist

Amuse guests with an artist who can draw a digital portrait of them on the fly. With this entertainment option, attendees can get a souvenir to remind them of the conference. They can have their drawings printed or sent to them digitally.


Conference Entertainment - Dancers

Dance Troupe

Wow crowds and impress audiences with a dazzling dance troupe performance! With a number from a group like El Gamma Penumbra, you’ll not only entertain but inspire attendees as well. Shows like this are a good choice for larger events.


Conference Entertainment - Mind Reader

Mind Reader



Conference Entertainment - Comedy Act

Comedy Act

A comedy act can lift spirits and establish a friendly environment in a conference, but make sure that the jokes are appropriate. Better if you can have the comedian relate his humor to the theme or subjects of the event to keep participants on track.


With the right entertainment you can energize attendees, make networking easier, and create a more memorable experience!

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