Choosing the Perfect
Entertainment for Your Event:
Product Launch


Excitement, engagement, and recall. Your product launch needs to be all these things to leave a mark on consumers. To achieve this, you need help from the right entertainment. To take your product event to the next level, here are four entertainment options for your consideration.


Entertainment - Product Launch - Virtual Reality Act

Virtual Reality Act

Immerse your audience in a truly mesmerizing visual experience with a virtual reality act. The possibilities are endless with this technology and you can present your product in countless ways. Instantly transport them to the driver’s seat of your latest car or take them to a virtual island getaway to lie down on a hammock under a cool shade to enjoy your new beverage.


Entertainment - Product Launch - Speed Painter

Speed Painter

If your product needs to be linked to the avant-garde, consider getting a speed painter to perform in your launch. By captivating people with their dexterity and creativity, these artists can put your brand in the spotlight. A speed painting show is an imaginative way to hype your guests for the big reveal.


Entertainment - Product Launch - Parkour

Live Action Stunt Performers

For an adrenaline rush, try hiring a live action stunt team for your product launch. Think of Parkour practitioners (also called traceurs) or daredevils amazing the crowd as they run and jump in hair-raising ways. Their stunts can leave a big impact on your market while highlighting your brand.


Entertainment - Product Launch - Flash Mob

Flash Mob

Flash mobs will catch attendees by surprise and delight them with an immersive and interactive show. They’ll gasp in delight as performers dance around and with them. Your audience becomes part of the performance, a truly memorable experience.


When planning a product launch, always consider entertainment. Always give your market an unforgettable experience to associate your product with!

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