Learn the Feng Shui Elements
for Your Event's Success


Creating a successful event takes experience, skill, and a degree of luck. While choosing the right company for events management in the Philippines can solve the first two deficiencies, finding good fortune is another matter. Fortunately, chinoys have something up their sleeves that might help: feng shui.

Developed over 3,000 years ago, feng shui brings prosperity by harmonizing the elements in the environment. This geomancy is well-suited to events because they always take place in a well defined area with luck that could be turned in your favor.

Unlike Western systems, the Chinese have five elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each produces different energies. A simple way to harness their power is to identify the energy that your event needs to succeed and place them in your venue.


Fire - Feng Shui Element


Representing passion and optimism, fire stimulates happiness, social interactions, engagement, and expansion. It can be represented in an event through sources of light: sun, lanterns, candles, and pyrotechnics. It can also be brought out with bright colors, especially red, yellow, and orange, and triangular shapes.


Earth - Feng Shui Element


Earth promotes peace, harmony, safety, and security. It is produced by squares and rectangles, such as heavy tables, and muted earth tones like brown and yellow. Potted plants, pottery, sand, soil, and stones also create earth energy.


Metal - Feng Shui Element


Metal represents sophistication, elegance, intelligence, and confidence. It naturally springs forth from silver, steel, gold, aluminum, bronze, and copper. White, silvers, and grays also generate metallic chi as well as circles, ovals, and arches.


Water - Feng Shui Element


Water creates a relaxing and soothing environment that promotes clarity, sensitivity, and renewal. It can be invoked through fountains, aquariums, misting. The color blue, pastels, and lavender also promote this element.


Wood - Feng Shui Element


Promoting growth and creativity, wood can be brought out by objects made by this element as well as trees. You can also add vertical lines, columns, flowers, blues, greens, and purples to produce this energy.


Feng shui depends on balance. Too much water creates a flood after all. And different elements produce bad results if mixed incorrectly, such as water dousing fire. Take your time to learn the relationships in the chart below.


Try to harmonize the elements in your venue for maximum results. Remember to use and take note of the features of the area such as large tree, a view of the mountains, or the metal railings.

By harnessing the earth’s chi, your event can go better than expected.

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