4 Step Checklist for a
Successful Regional Recruitment Activation Campaign


Booming industries, such as BPOs, are hiring all over the Philippines. Many are escaping overburdened Metro Manila and flocking to the provinces. But the provinces don’t make employee recruitment easier. Like in the capital, the quest to find great employees fast requires a great activation campaign. Fortunately, the task is easier with the help of this checklist.


Search Local Market

STEP 1: Investigate the Local Market

Research is critical to success. Campaigns have floundered because a company failed to take note of a critical detail that turned the locals away. Brush up on local news to determine the area’s conditions. A news monitoring service that gathers regional news is an ideal research aid.


Build Credibility

STEP 2: Build Credibility via PR

People want to work with reputable brands. Few wants to be associated with a company that has an unsavory reputation and those that do tend to be disreputable themselves. To attract top talent, it’s necessary to build your credibility in the locality. Taking the spotlight in the local newspapers and radios through a PR campaign can let your brand, its purpose and vision, reach the hearts of the populace and turn them to your side.

Digital Hype

STEP 3: Create Digital Hype to Invite Recruits

Brand presence in traditional media tips local reputation in the company’s favor. But to reach out to young top-tier recruits, a company needs to go online. Millennials populate digital social networks and use that to read the news instead of the papers. Raise digital hype by executing an internet campaign. Build a microsite that can be geo-targeted for SEO or create a local Facebook page.

Activation Event

STEP 4: Stage an Activation

Recruitment requires a strong presence in the locality. Even a strong brand in the media will not feel real to the man on the street. On the other hand, an activation can provide him with a concrete brand experience that can finally convince him to join the company on the spot.



To ensure the success of a regional recruitment campaign like this, it’s recommended to find a partner that has experience in PR, digital marketing, and events management to help the company in every step of the way. 


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