6 Tips for a Snappy and Catchy Name of Your Event

Choosing a name for your event seems like one of the easier parts of event planning. However,  naming is one of the most crucial parts of the pre-event phase because the name of your event will play a vital role in gathering attendees.

To spare you from using lousy and unappealing event names, here are six simple tips to be your guide. 

1. Know Your Event's Purpose

Before you think about the name for your event, be certain that you have a full grasp of the purpose and overall message of the event. For many of us, this should be instinctual; we are wired to think of event names that will fit the purpose and objective of the event. However, blunders still happen, especially when the organizers themselves have little understanding of their event and fail to see the big picture. When you finally see the full view of the direction you want to take, then you can start thinking of catchy, clever names. This way, you will keep the name closely relevant and coherent to your event.

2. Keep Your Brand Persona in Mind

You usually consider your brand personality during an event through styling, choosing the best location, reviewing the profile of your guests or speakers, and organizing the activities that attendees can do. However it is also important to  integrate your brand personality to your event name as it defines the kind of experience you want to give to your attendees. 

To do this, ask yourself whether the choice of words and messaging of your event name correspond to what your customers love about your brand. For example, if the packaging of your brand is professional, you want a neat and sleek sounding event name that appeals to your target audience.    

3. Spy on Your Competitors and Beat Them

Sometimes, ideas won’t come out of your head. You need inspiration. And the best way to get it is to look around and check what your competitors are doing. A safe way to do this is to look at your competitor’s examples as the benchmark that you need to triumph over.  

4. Pay Attention to Online Marketing

If you want to let Google spread the word about your event, you have to consider doing online marketing strategies.  Perform keyword research so you can take into account the search volumes of the keywords you want to use for the name of your event. It will also help you find variations  and determine your chance to rank on the search engine results page (SERP). 

Sounds too technical for you? Try pay-per-click or Facebook advertising instead to get your share of visibility online.

5. Do Some Wordplay

Now, on the event name itself, wordplay or creating double meaning statements is a surefire way to attract attendees. Another way to use wordplay  is to change the spelling of a word or combine two words into one to come up with a completely made-up word. 

You can also use Metaphors. Do this by choosing a word that aptly describes your  event.  There are a lot of successful events in the past that used these techniques, some of them are featured below:

Image Source:  WhatsHappening.COM.PH

Image Source: WhatsHappening.COM.PH

Image Source:  Mommy Practicality

Image Source: Mommy Practicality

Image Source:  Philippine Primer

Image Source: Philippine Primer

Image Source:  The Fashion Venom

Image Source: The Fashion Venom


6. Keep it Sweet and Snappy

Sweet and short event names are your best options. Short names are easy to remember and have a stronger kick on people’s minds compared to long verbose names that read like a thesis title. Also, keeping it short makes promotional effort a bit easier. It will work easily with your graphics for signages, invitation, and, yes, even for SEO and pay-per-click ads. If in case you can’t help but put all the essential words in your event name, try to be a bit clever by coming up with an abbreviation that’s catchy and easy to recall.

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