7 Tips for Boosting Event Attendance through Influencer Marketing

Successful events are those that landed on the trending hashtags, got raved about in social media, and earned the praises of prominent bloggers. Undeniably, social media plays a crucial role in creating the biggest productions. And it's good to know that you can also leverage these channels to ensure the success of your event.

Thanks to users with big followers, creating a buzz around the web is just a breeze. These users we call social media influencers include celebrities, athletes, socialites, etc. in a particular niche whose voices are absolute truth to many followers. Good to know, you can partner with them to boost your event attendance through influencer marketing.

To guide you, here are 7 tips that will help you identify and reach out to an influencer successfully.

Reputable Influencer

1. Look for a Reputable Influencer

The first obstacle in launching an influencer marketing effort is to identify the best influencer to work with. You don’t want to work with just anyone. There are a lot of users out there in your niche with more than 10,000 fans, but only a thin number of them is a good investment. The key criterion in looking for an influencer to partner with? Good reputation.

You want to work with an influencer that’s trusted not only by his followers but by most of the people in your niche. Also you want to make sure that this user jibes with your brand personality to do away with problems in establishing or protecting your brand identity.

Influencer followers

2. It's Not about the Numbers

After finding reputable influencer, the next thing to look at is the quality of the numbers. You will naturally think that to leverage social media, you need influencers with the most number of fans or followers. But this is not always the case in influencer marketing. It is not mainly about the numbers. This sounds counterintuitive. But take this case:

You’re a sports drink brand launching a marathon event and you reach out to a fitness blogger with 15,000+ followers on instagram. Unfortunately the 15,000 followers aren’t all into running. In the end, you’d be blinded by the 5-figure followers, when in fact you’re only reaping less than 1000 leads--which brings us to the next item.

Niche Readership

3. It's about Niche Readership Density

Instead of looking for big bloggers, look for those with concentrated niche readership. If you’re a sports drink brand, an influencer with only 2,000 fans/followers, is better than that with bigger but rather diverse fan-base. In this case, you narrow the number of fans but you are able to make sure that you’re reaping the best results. Lesson here is to prioritize the quality of followers/fans over quantity.




Looking for an Influencer

4. Use a Paid Platform and Social Listening Tool

If looking for an influencer is a bit tricky for you, use a paid platform that will scan a social media directory and give you lists of influencers that may  fit your event. These platforms use an algorithm that matches your event with relevant influencers. For instance, you can use a media monitoring or social listening tool to find the right  influencer by searching for particular keywords related to your event. Here you can listen to what users are talking about your brand or your business niche, and identify those with good traction among social media users.

Tip: You can identify users with influencer potential from a happily satisfied customer.

Reach Out Directly and Build Relationship

5. Reach Out Directly and Build Relationship

The best way to build a relationship with a reputable influencer is by reaching out to them directly. A PR agency can help you communicate with them but it’s not essential if your marketing team is up to it. Remember to treat influencers as you would a business partner and not merely as a social media user with good traction of followings. And as the number one rule in negotiation, prove to them that your partnership would be beneficial or profitable for their end.

Another way of reaching out to an influencer is by becoming their follower first. Then engage with their contents. After having some good quality interaction, you can reach out to them on business matters. When you do this, not only can you win over their trust but you can also learn more about how they interact with followers and the manner they use social media.

Give Perks

6. Give Perks over Money

Instead of monetary returns, you can pay an influencer partner with perks and rewards. Most brands often mistake that influencers need cash when partnering with them. In reality, cash comes only second. Many decent social media influencers would agree with gift certificates, freebies, free event attendance & accommodation, inside access, or other rewards.



Do Event Post-Mortem

7. Do Event Post-Mortem

Treat this as an investment from which you want to achieve a profitable goal. Thus, it is always best to check and measure whether you hit your KPI after launching an influencer marketing for your event. Here are some useful questions to answer when doing a post-mortem for your event.




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