9 Wonderful Ways to
Use Drones for Events


Drones are appearing everywhere: in aerial photography, competitive racing, and light painting. These are just a few of the exciting applications of the high-flying machine. Because of its mobility and versatility, they are the perfect tool for inventive event organizers. Wondering how your peers are making the most out of these high-tech devices? Here are nine ways:


Event Coverage.png

Event Coverage

A drone will help you achieve incredible aerial shots and let you document your event from every angle. Create an epic post-event video with gloriously soaring and swooping takes!


Live Streaming.png

Live Streaming

A drone is perfect for live streaming your event. It can quickly move from place to place and provide fantastic views in real-time.




Drones can also be used for bringing things from point A to point B. Imagine one handing over a certificate in a tech conference or serving finger food at a fancy banquet!


Branding & Advertising.png

Branding & Advertising                                                               

Drones make amazing little brand ambassadors by displaying products and logos. Think of them as a flying billboard for sponsors and event partners.



Incorporate a drone show as entertainment to dazzle your audience and provide an unforgettable experience!



Social Media Cam

Why take a selfie when you can have a drone take your picture? Fill your social media channels with instant photos and videos of your event through the eyes of one of these high-flying gadgets!


Security & Safety

Security & Safety

Drones can act as a mobile surveillance camera or a vehicle to deliver emergency supplies and first aid kits.




Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a drone lead guests to where they need to go? Make your event more futuristic with a hovering usher!


Up-close view

First-Person Perspective

If you have a large venue, you can give attendees a first-person tour of the area with a drone and a pair of FPV goggles. You can even provide them with an up-close view of a concert or sporting event!



With their many uses, drones can be a worthwhile investment for those in the event industry. Consider using one to make your events fly!

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