6 Useful Tips from a Manila Event Taken to Southeast Asia


Working together with Taiwan’s Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI) on the Wow! Taiwan Selects project in 2016 was an unforgettable experience. Our team took the event from Manila to Jakarta; when we were only hired for the Philippine leg! Because it was repeated twice, we gained deeper insight into events management.

Rise Above Expectations

Rise Above Expectations – Always

It’s part of the company’s DNA to over-deliver whenever possible. The Manila event was one such example. Millions of Filipinos learned of Taiwan’s products through the media and the event while CDRI collected tons of survey data to help them refine their product for the Philippine market. The Institute found us so reliable in the Philippines that they decided to invite us to other countries in Southeast Asia after they realized that we had the capabilities for such a difficult campaign.


Corporate Meetings

Communication is Key

Part of the reason, they found us a pleasure to work with was the constant communication between CDRI and the M2Live team. We conducted regular meetings to share our visions and progress. Quick, prompt email exchanges to bring them up-to-date on the latest project developments also enabled our professional relationship to blossom.


Take the Initiative

Take the Initiative

Another reason is the efforts the team took to ensure the event’s success. Like silence in a radio broadcast, lulls can destroy your event’s momentum. When one was about to appear, the M2Live staff wrote their own scripts to introduce products and create fun banter. They even utilized a popular item, the Brio Bluetooth speaker, to hold a karaoke session. Their antics were a big hit that maintained the energy and Wow! factor all throughout.


Make Allowances for Other Cultures

Make Allowances for Other Cultures

Not everything was a bed of roses. Once the event went to Jakarta, M2.0 relied on local partners to handle PR. Unfortunately, the PR landscape in Indonesia is different to Manila; differences that lowered our ability to deliver after setting the bar high in the Philippines. It was unexpected but it highlighted the necessity to do your research in all aspects of the event, including the PR component.


Do Your Homework

Do Your Homework

Wow! Taiwan selects was about introducing new brands to the local market. However, it’s a big challenge for the staff. People will ask many questions about the new items and it’s crucial for brand ambassadors and staff to be able to answer them. Fortunately, everyone was clear on their assignments and learned the necessary details to confidently talk about the various items.


Multi-Talented Team

Create a Multi-Talented Team

Despite the various challenges, M2Live was confident in overcoming them all. That’s because our staff isn’t only specialized in our roles. In a pinch, our team could take on each other’s tasks and even host. Building a team like that takes a good eye for people and a little bit of luck.


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