How To Make Great Corporate SDEs         

Celebrating your anniversary? Giving awards to your top employees? Whatever milestone you may be holding, you may want to consider rendering a Same Day Edit (SDE) video for your next corporate event.

What is an SDE video? It is a cinematically crafted coverage of an event that is filmed, edited, and shown to the audience on the same day. It’s something that people look forward to and get excited about because it shows the day’s memorable moments and highlights. Intrigued? Here’s how you can make the memory of your event last longer:



Deliver a Message?

Your SDE video should have an impact. It should wow the audience and elicit both awe or “awww” from everyone who will lays eyes upon it. For your video to do that, it should have a central theme, a key message. Is it going to be inspirational? Is it going to be happy? Is it going to make them cry? Is it supposed to inspire, make them smile and cry at the same time? Your message dictates the type of music, feel, and overall tone of your video. Decide on it beforehand and make the most out of every second you have. Remember: you will have to shoot, edit and show this on the same day.


Focus on Moments

With everything that’s going on during the event, you may get overwhelmed and end up cramming everything into your video.  Avoid confusion by focusing on important moments. Make sure to get excerpts from speeches that were delivered. Did the bosses decide to be a little bit vulnerable by having a little dance number for the employees? Were people laughing hysterically? Did someone come in wearing the funkiest of outfits? Make sure to have those as well. The key here is capturing and mixing together the right amount and combination of awesome memories for your video. Throw in some candid and intimate moments and you’ll never go wrong.


Keep It Short, Sweet, and Unforgettable

The length of your video is also important. Make it too long and you’ll bore your audience. Make it too short and you may miss out on some important moments. Make it long enough to hold their attention and leave them wanting more. As much as possible, limit your SDE video to 3-5 minutes (the usual length of songs). In that span of time, you should have covered the first 2 bases.

The SDE video is your cherry on top. Aside from being a culmination of your event, it is a great way for people to talk about it for days, weeks, or months from when it was held. A masterfully made one is also a good investment because you can post it on social media for people to see. From there, they can feel the vibe and energy of your company and have a peek of its culture.

We hope these tips have equipped you for your SDE video-making venture. For more, subscribe to M2Live.