A Quick Guide for
Creating Event Floor Plans


An event floor plan is like the blueprint of a house — it’s a way finding map that will direct your attendees to where you want them to go. But aside from being a guide, an effective floor plan will allow you to maximize the space in the venue, place areas strategically for better engagement, and prevent bottlenecks. It benefits planners, suppliers, and guests, making it a priceless part of event organizing. To help you craft a stellar floor plan, here are some useful tips:



Collaborate With the Venue Owners

Make sure that you collaborate and consult with the venue owners because they know the place best. They’ll be able to share with you what works and what doesn’t, and provide information about the venue that will help you make the most effective way finding strategy. They also might have existing layouts that you can base yours!


Think About Spacing

Consider the number of people (both guests and suppliers), the types of activities/program you’ll be having, the design elements, and the materials (tables, chairs, booths, etc.) to be used when crafting your floor plan. Create ample spacing for each and ensure that they are located logically according to its function. You want to give people space to talk, watch, and experience your brand.


Consider Pathways and Focal Points

When setting pathways for a floor plan, work around possible focal points like bars, food counters, exhibits, and event booths. Establish simple routes for guests and suppliers to their designated seats, restrooms, and other points of interest. Make it easy to move around.


Plan for Emergencies

Remember to account for emergency exits and routes when creating your floor plan. Make sure that people have easy access to them and that they aren’t located in busy or crowded areas for quick and safe evacuation.

Always remember to set a floor plan when organizing your event because a good layout will result in a better experience for guests and allow for a smoother implementation!

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